Liability-driven investing

Innovative LDI solutions and the ability to partner with plan sponsors at ALL stages of plan design and implementation

Our edge in ldi

Our client solutions draw on multi-asset skill within a distinctively collaborative environment

  • Fixed income expertise in rates, credit, securitized, and derivative markets
  • Deep fundamental credit research enhanced by equity investor perspectives
  • Specialist trading resources to help support liquidity needs
  • Actuaries who translate liability cash flows into practical investment ideas
  • Experience managing full pension solutions and implementing glidepath approaches

Everything you want to know about ldi

Members of our LDI Team offer a primer on the nuts and bolts of liability-driven investing as well as more advanced concepts and best practices — all in 30 minutes.

How do we work with you?

We partner with plan sponsors at all stages of the LDI process, tapping the full breadth of Wellington’s capabilities.

1. Custom research and consultation

Liability cash-flow analysis

Asset/liability studies

Glidepath construction

2. Investments for a broad range of objectives

Liability matching


  • Long credit/corporate
  • Long government/corporate

Absolute return plus long bonds

Cash balance

Return-seeking: Bridge

Listed infrastructure

Low-volatility equity

Opportunistic fixed income

Multisector credit

Return seeking: Core

Active equity

  • US
  • Global
  • Emerging market

Absolute return strategies

3. LDI portfolio construction

Custom LDI benchmarks

Completion management

Cash bond portfolios with derivative overlays

Cash-flow driven investment (CDI)

Dynamic pension management

This is for illustrative purposes only and is not an investment recommendation. This is not an all-inclusive list of approaches that may fit the stated theme. Investing involves risk, and an investment in an approach could lose money.


Ryan Randolph

Director, Corporate Pension Strategies

Let's talk LDI

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