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The world is undergoing major transformative shifts and financial markets have come along for the ride. In this brief video, investors from across our macro research and hedge fund teams explore the unstable geopolitical landscape, the new regime of higher inflation and more volatile cycles, the convergence of public and private equities, and key trends like climate-change adaptation and digital tokenization. Discover where they see alternative investment opportunities amid the disruption.

USD 29.1B*

Alternatives assets managed firmwide

25+ years

Track record managing alternative investments


Clients in our alternative investment approaches

All figures as of 31 March 2023. *Please note that all alternatives assets are also included in the assets of the Equity, Fixed Income, and Multi-Asset asset-class categories.


We help clients tap into a wide variety of return streams to pursue their return-seeking and risk-mitigation goals. How?


Meet some of the dedicated members of our experienced alternatives team.

mark sullivan

Mark Sullivan


Head, Hedge Fund Group
Mark is responsible for driving the long-term investment performance of the firm’s hedge fund strategies. He is also the team leader for our Global Macro Team.
Michael Carmen

Michael Carmen

Co-Head, Private Investments
As co-head of Private Investments, Michael manages our diversified late-stage growth equity business that invests across technology, consumer, health care, and financial services sectors. In addition, he leads the firm’s effort to deepen and broaden private investment capabilities to support growth and ensure strong overall investment results. He has spent a large part of his career investing in diversified portfolios in the small- and mid-cap equity markets, and he authors papers on topics concerning investment trends in late-stage growth and small-cap equity portfolios. He works in our Boston office.
shanna oreilly

Shanna O'Reilly

Co-Head, Private Investments
As co-head of Private Investments, Shanna helps to lead the expansion and oversight of the firm’s private investment business. She previously served as the chief operating officer of Wellington Alternative Investments.


See the breadth of styles, sectors, and strategies in our alternative investment platform.

Long/short equity strategies

Seek to limit volatility of equity exposure

  • Long/short equity
  • Long/short sector (e.g. financial services, health care, technology)
  • Multi-strategy
Absolute Return Fixed Income Strategies

Seek to limit exposure to rate and credit cycles

  • Macro
  • Global relative value
  • Long/short credit
Multi-Asset Strategies
Target specific return and risk objectives
  • Alternative risk premia
  • Managed risk
  • Absolute return
  • Portable alpha

This is not an all-inclusive list of strategies that may be offered. Investments involve risks including possible loss of principal. This is not to be construed as investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Please review important Investment Risks & Definitions.


We have a long history of leveraging our scale and resources to develop alternative investment strategies based on clients’ evolving needs.

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