Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Wellington Management approaches the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) based on a philosophy of ensuring investment integrity and meeting clients’ expectations.


EU sustainability-related investment regulations are a continued focus for  Wellington. This includes the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) — a key part of the EU’s Action Plan for Financing Sustainable Growth — which has been a priority for us since 2019. Having put in place the requisite product disclosures and policies for March 2021, we have widened our focus to ensure we understand and effectively implement the expanded Level II standards. Other sustainability-related investment regulations that are central to our current efforts include the implementation of the EU environmental taxonomy and the MIFID sustainability preferences. Wellington is fully committed to ESG integration and sustainability with the support of firmwide Sustainable Investment Governance, Management and Leadership teams. We have also assembled a Sustainable Investment Regulatory and Third-Party Working Group to focus on the sustainability-related regulations. Our objective is to extend our partnership with clients to meet both their financial and sustainable investment goals. With that in mind, we are pleased to share our latest report explaining the different regulations and how we are implementing them to support clients on their respective sustainability journeys. 

Sustainability risk investment policy

The following documents provide information about our policies for integrating sustainability risks into our investment decision-making process.

Wellington Global Sustainability Risk Consideration Policy03/10/2021PDF (EN)

Statement on principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors

The following documents provide information about how we consider the principal adverse impacts of our investment decisions on sustainability factors.

WME Adverse Sustainability Impacts Statement03/10/2021PDF (EN)
Adverse Sustainability Impacts Statement - WMF Luxembourg (EN) 01/03/2021PDF(EN)
Article 4 Disclosure - WAI (EN)01/07/2022PDF(EN)
Article 4 Disclosure - WFUS (EN)01/07/2022PDF(EN)

Framework for evaluating governance practices

The following document describes our governance practices.

Good Governance Assessment for Article 8 and 9 SFDR28/09/2023PDF (EN)

Due Diligence Policy

The following document provides information about our policy for the due diligence on investments.

Due Diligence on Investments Policy01/11/2022PDF (EN)


For certain Wellington Management Funds and at the request of a separate account client, Wellington Management can apply exclusions to companies participating in economic activity which they may deem to be harmful to the environment or society. While not all clients may wish to apply exclusions, this document explains the policies of Wellington Management on the exclusions of issuers from our clients’ investable universe where our clients have elected to apply exclusions.

Client Exclusions Policy16/10/2023PDF (EN)