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When was the last time you waited in a long, frustrating line at the bank?

Innovations like mobile banking don’t just make banking easy and keep lines short; they also enable bank tellers to do work that is far more impactful. Whatever your industry, the work of the past was error-prone, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. Technology has helped solve these challenges and empowered unprecedented scale across all types of work. This progress is essential as the need to enhance productivity has long exceeded increases in head count or payroll. Critically, from cloud-based accounting software to factory automation, these innovations also enable you to focus on the things that matter most — like more creative, higher-impact ideas and quality of life.

Work tomorrow: Next generation of “intelligence” sparking reimagination

Our research engagements with company management teams, suppliers, and industry experts make us increasingly excited about the impact of AI and other forms of machine intelligence. Machine intelligence continues to evolve from robots learning to sort and select items, to machine vision differentiating shapes and AI assisting human decision making with improved pattern recognition. For example, AI is already more diagnostically accurate than human doctors in some areas, and it has also enabled increasingly precise weather forecasting.

In addition, the robot showcased at the Tokyo Olympics that never missed a basketball shot gave us a glimpse of the countless possibilities that precise physical dexterity can bring, such as refined surgical applications. We believe these advances will enable more creativity and improved outcomes at work, and generate investable opportunities across industries, geographies, and market caps.

We are already seeing remarkable advances fueled by machine intelligence around the world, from a small-cap Japanese machine vision provider to a mid-cap Australian provider of cloud-based accounting software to a mega-cap American maker of robotic surgical equipment.

Yash Patodia
Global Industry Analyst

1TechCrunch, November 2020

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Brian Barbetta
Global Industry Analyst
Yash Patodia
Senior Managing Director – Consumer and Technology
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Bruce Glazer
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