Public defined benefit plans

We partner with federal, state, and local plans to help support the financial well-being of hundreds of thousands of public workers, educators, and first responders.

How we work with public plans

  • As allocators, putting ourselves in plan sponsors’ shoes and conducting timely, relevant asset allocation research
  • As advisors, deploying a range of proprietary tools and the breadth of Wellington’s multi-asset research to help plan sponsors with their most pressing issues
  • As portfolio managers, building custom solutions to help sponsors pursue their return objectives
  • As strategic partners, collaborating with plan sponsors on their goals across their organization

Our public plan research is led by Adam Berger, a multi-asset strategist and portfolio manager who hosts a quarterly Top of Mind   webcast that addresses key questions, worries, and opportunities gathered from the hundreds of conversations he has with public plan sponsors.

We’d love to hear your top of mind  ideas for future research

Helping public plans close the return gap

Many public plans have return targets that pose a high hurdle when compared with capital market return expectations. We think plans can address this gap through a “stepping stones” approach: making incremental changes that can potentially improve returns without significantly increasing risk. Examples include:

  • Making more effective use of active strategies
  • Investing thematically to take advantage of secular trends
  • Mitigating downside risk to help smooth the path to a return target

To help public plans implement the right steps for their needs, we draw on our firm’s multi-asset research and investment solutions.