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WellSaid is produced by Wellington Management. The series aims to draw connections between our investment research and real-world themes and trends.


 | 27:05
Head of private climate investing Greg Wasserman joins host Thomas Mucha to discuss his latest research on climate venture capital, including highlighting climate technology in the private market, the impact of today's geopolitical and policy environments, and much more.
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 | 27:56
Multi asset strategist Nick Samouilhan joins host Thomas Mucha to discuss managing multi-asset portfolios in today's increasingly complex economic and geopolitical environment, including highlighting his latest research on income generation.
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Early-stage venture capital

 | 20:24
Frederik Groce, Deal Lead for Wellington Access Ventures (WAV), joins host Thomas Mucha to discuss the state of the early-stage venture capital market. Fred shares his latest insights on growth efficiency, outlines the challenges and opportunities for historically overlooked founders, and spotlights how WAV partners with portfolio companies.
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The future of investment research

 | 22:15
Head of Investment Research Mary Pryshlak joins host Thomas Mucha to discuss the evolution of research in the asset management industry amid shifting market, technological, and geopolitical environments.
 | S2:
 | 31:49
Two of Wellington's tech experts join host Thomas Mucha to discuss the rapidly evolving AI landscape and separate hype from reality, highlighting everything from the industries most likely to be impacted to AI's geopolitical implications.
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The rise of thematic investing

 | 29:01
Portfolio Manager Daire Dunne joins host Thomas Mucha to share his latest insights on thematic investing. Daire highlights the unique thematic opportunity in emerging markets; profiles key themes like financial inclusion and the energy transition; and explores the implications of today's geopolitical tensions.
 | S2:
 | 26:44
Portfolio manager Alan Hsu joins host Thomas Mucha to share his latest insights on climate investing, highlighting the growth of favorable climate legislation, the concept of true positives versus false negatives, the critical role of climate science in investing, and much more.
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Japan's economic recovery

 | 23:15
From our offices in Tokyo, portfolio manager Dan Maguire joins host Thomas Mucha to discuss the massive economic and market implications of Japan's efforts to end deflation.
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 | 27:31
In this episode of WellSaid, two veteran emerging markets investors, Bo Meunier and Niraj Bhagwat, join host Thomas Mucha to share their insights on the potential for a rebound in the asset class, with particular focus on opportunities in China, India, and across the Asia-Pacific region.
 | S2:


Private equity market in 2023

 | 23:49
In the first episode of WellSaid Season 2, Co-Head of Private Investing Michael Carmen joins host Thomas Mucha to share his constructive outlook for today's rapidly evolving private market landscape. In addition, they discuss the role of ESG in privates, how Wellington collaborates with entrepreneurs, and much more.
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WellSaid: Season 2 sneak peek

 | 3:20
Geopolitical Strategist Thomas Mucha looks back on highlights from WellSaid Season 1 and previews episodes to come in Season 2 in 2023.
 | S1:
 | 32:06
India is balancing immense growth opportunities — like digital transformation, domestic manufacturing, and industry consolidation — with complicated geopolitical, climate, and other risks. Macro Strategist Tushar Poddar joins host Thomas Mucha to explore the key macro and economic factors driving one of the world's most compelling investment markets.
 | S1:
 | 22:55
US midterm elections can be pivotal for financial markets, especially when they result in divided government. Macro Strategist Mike Medeiros joins host Thomas Mucha to discuss what 2022’s surprise midterm results may mean for equity and bond markets, US foreign and domestic policy, and the 2024 US presidential election.
 | S1:
 | 33:23
The market for sustainable credit in emerging markets is exploding. What's driving that growth? What are the challenges and opportunities? Veteran fixed income credit analyst Sam Epee-Bounya joins host Thomas Mucha to explore the rapidly changing environment for ESG and sustainable finance in Latin America and Africa.
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 | 33:00
Macro strategist Gillian Edgeworth joins host Thomas Mucha to continue our discussion on the macro and market implications of the war in Ukraine, including the conflict's impacts on energy, food, and geopolitics.
 | S1:
 | 25:30
The war continues to exacerbate the twin crises of energy availability and affordability. We explore how the situation may take shape from here.
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 | 26:43
Contrarians are a breed apart. Bucking conventional market wisdom, they seek opportunities to invest in companies where fundamentals are solid but valuations are so dislocated that other investors may not want to touch them -- at least not yet. Equity Research Analyst Tarit Rao-Chakravorti joins host Thomas Mucha to explain his process and how he looks to the macro environment, history, news headlines, and even works of fiction to source contrarian ideas.
 | S1:
 | 32:12
Global Industry Analyst Rebecca Sykes joins host Thomas Mucha to discuss the future of the pharmaceutical industry. They highlight the impacts of COVID-19 on the industry and explore today's newest pharma innovations, such as treatments for cancer, obesity, and more.
 | S1:
 | 35:20
Health care investor Wen Shi joins host Thomas Mucha to discuss the future of biotech innovation. They explore the potential of gene editing, targeted protein degradation, artificial intelligence, and much more, highlighting their impact on everything from patient outcomes to geopolitics.
 | S1:
 | 31:20
Once considered a niche area of sustainable investing done almost exclusively through private markets, public-market impact investing is expanding rapidly. Impact Measurement and Management Practice Leader Oyin Oduya sits down with host Thomas Mucha to discuss the future of impact investing, her research approach, and how her team thinks about generating market-rate returns alongside positive social and environmental outcomes.
 | S1:
 | 39:37
Market participants are closely watching China’s response to the war in Ukraine. The crisis has upended the geopolitical landscape, fractured tenuous alliances, and sharpened focus on strategic sectors. Host Thomas Mucha speaks with Santiago Millán, Wellington’s Hong Kong-based macro strategist, about his perspectives on China’s approach to Ukraine, climate change, and ongoing COVID-19 challenges.
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 | 37:28
The war in Ukraine has roiled commodities markets, highlighted fossil fuel dependence, and accelerated the low-carbon transition. It has also exacerbated inflation and global geopolitical risks. Host Thomas Mucha welcomes Commodities Portfolio Manager David Chang and Global Industry Analyst Tim Casaletto to discuss these interrelated dynamics and the challenges they pose for ESG investing and analysis.
 | S1:
 | 27:53
Host Thomas Mucha welcomes Global Industry Analyst Yash Patodia to discuss how US/China tensions and rising rates impact the tech sector, the future of strategic sectors such as semiconductors and big data, and why he believes the Asia technology sector is pivotal to innovations like EVs and the metaverse.
 | S1:
 | 28:15
Global Industry Analyst Eunhak Bae joins host Thomas Mucha to explore semiconductors' key role in the future of innovations like EVs, the metaverse, and cryptocurrencies as well as their implications for geopolitical issues like the conflict in Ukraine and US/China relations.
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Our Host

As a member of the firm’s Global Macro Strategy Group, Thomas conducts research on the macro and market implications of geopolitical risk. In his role, he also focuses on internal and external communication efforts, with a particular emphasis on connecting our macro insights to actionable investment ideas in client portfolios.