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Harnessing manager, factor, and risk research to build client solutions


With risk management in its DNA, our Fundamental Factor Team specializes in improving portfolio outcomes and addressing client challenges through factor-based investing. 

Factor-based capabilities

From factor and manager research to outcome-driven client solutions


Factor construction

The Fundamental Factor Team identifies new areas of factor research through collaboration with fundamental portfolio managers. Proprietary factors are created by quantifying fundamental equity characteristics and are then made investable through portfolio construction.

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Connect with the iStrat platform

iStrat, Wellington’s Investment Strategy & Solutions Group, collaborates closely with clients to help solve their investment challenges. The iStrat platform consists of three teams: the Next Generation Thematic Team, the Multi-Asset Team, and the Fundamental Factor Team.


FAQs: Factor-based investing 

A factor-based approach to portfolio construction and risk management may help improve outcomes by creating portfolios in line with a range of diverse client objectives. Factor-based analysis can be a powerful way to assess manager performance, as it allows a manager’s security selection skill to be separated from their investment style.

The team is able to integrate ESG considerations as a component of portfolio construction. 

Originally established as a risk-advisory function, the Fundamental Factor Team built an extensive factor platform and has evolved into a client-solutions partner. Focusing solely on factor-based investing and research, the team has access to over 350 building blocks for portfolios, using Wellington’s diverse investor pool as well as the team’s own proprietary factors. 

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