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Solving investment challenges through real-world research and a flexible multi-asset platform


Harnessing deep and differentiated asset allocation research, our iStrat Multi-Asset Team builds and manages investment solutions that reflect how individual clients define success.

Multi-asset investing that starts and ends with each client’s objectives

Solution scope and design

Our team works with clients to define their risk and return goals and to incorporate specific constraints like volatility, liquidity, and downside sensitivity.

Strategic asset allocation

We use a risk-focused asset allocation approach that incorporates a longer time horizon and integrates active allocation and risk-hedging strategies.

Manager research and security selection

We select underlying managers and exposures in pursuit of security-selection alpha within the asset class allocations, leveraging insights from our Fundamental Factor Team.

Active allocation

We incorporate discrete processes that seek to enhance returns and mitigate risk via allocation tilts that draw on our multi-asset research and broad Wellington insights.

Oversight and evolution

Over time, the team validates, challenges, and evolves investment solutions in line with the client’s objectives, market conditions, and the opportunity set.

The structural research that supports our investment solutions

Our long-term research agenda is informed by our experience managing portfolios and questions that arise from client engagement, and focuses on specific challenges around the construction, management, and governance of multi-asset portfolios. Here, we highlight several key areas of research.


Investment objectives

Insights on the benefits and trade-offs of different allocation decisions when pursuing objectives such as income and decumulation.


Featured research

Time for a closer look at income’s role

Many investors underestimate the impact income has on a multi-asset portfolio over time. Today’s shifting interest rate environment only adds to the need for a fresh look at different income allocations and their potential risks and rewards.


A climate-change framework for multi-asset portfolios

Whether investors are interested in holistically incorporating climate objectives into their portfolios or simply want to better understand different climate-aware investment options and their potential trade-offs, our three-pillar framework can help. 


FAQs: Multi-asset investing

The Multi-Asset Team collaborates with investment specialists across the firm to address specific client objectives, including those related to ESG and sustainability. For example, the team can tap into the expertise of our ESG Research Team and our Climate Research Team, as well as Wellington’s partnership with the Woodwell Climate Research Center.

Wellington has extensive experience in multi-asset investing. We began blending asset classes in pursuit of specific objectives more than 90 years ago. Today, we manage multi-asset strategies for asset owners around the world, including public and private pensions, endowments, foundations, sovereign institutions, insurance companies, family offices, and intermediaries. We believe the Multi-Asset Team is distinguished by the strength of its client partnerships; its multidisciplinary research and commitment to continuous improvements in investment processes and decisions; the breadth of its investment platform; and its ability to leverage the full resources of the firm to tailor portfolio solutions to clients’ needs and constraints.

Members of our Multi-Asset Team partner with fixed income, equity, and other experts across our investment platform to provide a full range of LDI capabilities. Learn more about our LDI solutions, team, and research.

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