Better outcomes through stewardship

We believe that via financial stewardship, ESG integration, and informed, active ownership we can improve investment outcomes for our clients.

Actively engaged across our investment platform

By actively engaging with issuers and exercising our voting rights, we aim to enhance the value of our client investments over the long term.


Company engagements:


Companies for which we voted proxies:


General meetings at which we voted against at least one resolution:

2020 Sustainability Report

We have long believed that sustainable practices are value drivers. Through our investment approach, culture, and operations, we strive to advance sustainable practices and remain committed to continuous improvement.

Our approach to stewardship

Our investment-led approach is a key component of our engagement and escalation process. We vote proxies in ways we believe will maximize the economic value of our clients’ holdings long term, and we encourage companies to hold a high bar for ESG to enhance both their resiliency and profitability.



On a quarterly basis, we disclose details of our voting decisions.


Our voting guidelines set out our general stance on material issues that may come up in the context of our voting as engaged owners.

Policy and Procedures

Our voting policy and procedures sets out our approach to proxy voting including how we manage potential conflicts of interest and effectively discharge our responsibilities.


Engagement policy

Our culture of deep research and meaningful two-way dialogue with company management is at the heart of our engagement philosophy. We encourage transparency to assess and influence risks and opportunities for an issuer.

ESG integration philosophy

We believe ESG criteria should be weighed appropriately to inform investment decision making. We integrate the analysis of ESG factors into our investment and risk-management processes firmwide.

ESG quarterly research update

Members of our ESG Research Team share brief insights on current research topics each. We also provide an update on our ESG engagement and proxy voting activity in the quarter.

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