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Our most recent research finds that complementing active core EM approaches with niche-ier strategies that leverage market inefficiencies in differentiated ways can potentially enhance portfolio performance and diversification. Click below to learn more about our investment teams.

A is for allocation: The rationale for increasing
exposure to China
Allocations to China equity are widely recommended, but how much is appropriate and why? We consider several reasons why this may make sense for offshore investors.
EMs join QE club: The context you need
Emerging markets (EM) central banks across the globe have recently unveiled asset purchase programs loosely referred to as “quantitative easing (QE).” Our macro team takes a closer look and considers potential investment implications.
EM equity: Investing with conviction in trying times
For emerging markets investors, navigating COVID-19 at this point may be more about asking the right questions than having the answers. Equity Portfolio Manager Greg Mattiko describes how he's adapting his crisis playbook to meet today's unique challenges.
US-China frictions: Reading between the headlines
We highlight the escalating conflict between the US and China and discuss potential investment implications.


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