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Our most recent research finds that complementing active core EM approaches with niche-ier strategies that leverage market inefficiencies in differentiated ways can potentially enhance portfolio performance and diversification. Click below to learn more about our investment teams.

Climate change and emerging markets: Assessing opportunities and challenges
Emerging markets are on the front lines of climate change. Aware of the challenges, many EM companies are developing solutions, shifting business models, and realigning corporate policies to help them prepare. Two of our EM portfolio managers share insights on the investing landscape and offer a framework for incorporating climate-related themes into a portfolio.
Allocating to China — a deeper dive by asset class
Learn why we believe there is a strong case for increasing allocations to China across multiple asset classes.
EMs: With great challenges come great opportunities
From health and wellness to climate change and more, the COVID-19 crisis has spawned or accelerated compelling investable themes across a range of EM countries. Against that backdrop, four of Wellington’s EM equity portfolio managers share their latest insights.
Tracking the green transition in emerging markets
COVID-19 has ratcheted up environmental debates across emerging markets and highlighted the intersection of those concerns with local supply chains and infrastructure gaps. Equity Portfolio Manager Liliana Castillo Dearth looks at China as a case study.


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