2022 Investment Outlook

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2022 ESG & Sustainability Outlook

Focusing on an area of emphasis for 2022, Head of Sustainable Investment Wendy Cromwell previews our climate research and advocacy and outlines action steps asset owners can take to build climate resiliency. Portfolio Manager Dáire Dunne pinpoints climate action and sustainable economic development as areas of focus in sustainable thematic investing. Within impact investing, Portfolio Managers Campe Goodman, Tara Stilwell, and Liliana Castillo Dearth plan to concentrate their research on financial inclusion, the digital divide, health, and climate change. Our stewardship investing Equity Portfolio Managers Yolanda Courtines and Mark Mandel plan to focus on identifying issuers that are good stewards of talent, supply chains, and the environment.


2022 Climate Change Investing Outlook

Multi-Asset Strategists Nick Samouilhan and Tim Antonelli and Investment Strategy Analyst Patrick Wattiau outline an approach to incorporating the capital-market impact of climate change in multi-asset portfolios. Director of Climate Research Chris Goolgasian and members of our climate investing teams preview the firm’s 2022 agenda with Woodwell Climate Research Center and explain their increasing emphasis on engagement.


2022 Alternative Investment Outlook

Looking across the shifting alternatives landscape, Multi-Asset Strategists Cara Lafond and Adam Berger propose five areas of focus, from the role of diversifying and return-seeking strategies to opportunities to break down silos in an alternative investment portfolio. Private Equity Principal and Sector Specialist Matt Witheiler reveals what’s driving the rapid growth in private market activity. Director of ESG for Private Investments Hillary Flynn and members of her team explore ESG issues that will be top of mind in private markets, including climate change mitigation, data privacy, and supply-chain resiliency.


2022 Fixed Income Outlook

Multi-Asset Strategist Cara Lafond collaborates with Fixed Income Investment Directors Amar Reganti, Chris Perret, and Andrew Bayerl to explore the potential benefits of building a credit portfolio that encompasses public, private, and alternative investments. Separately, Amar Reganti and colleague Jitu Naidu argue that the long-lived era of easy monetary policy may be nearing an end, while Fixed Income Portfolio Managers Rob Burn and Campe Goodman look at why investors may want to turn to some nontraditional sectors in 2022.


2022 Equity Outlook

Drawing on their manager and factor research, Investment Strategy Team members Gregg Thomas and Kat Price offer insights on improving alpha potential in some of the most efficient areas of the market and on high-yielding stocks’ runway for improvement. In addition, our specialist equity investors share their latest research on emerging markets, profile the promising outlooks for electric utilities and health care, and explain why they believe the future of tech and innovation remains on sale.


2022 iStrat Multi-Asset Outlook

In 2022, Investment Strategy Team members Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson and Daniel Cook expect markets to focus on central bank efforts to tame inflation without derailing the cycle. They offer views on the likely outcomes and the implications for equities, commodities, and fixed income. Will 2022 be a year for investors to think thematically? Multi-Asset Strategist Nick Samouilhan and Investment Director Andrew Sharp-Paul think so and sound a note of cautious optimism heading into the new year.


2022 Global Economic Outlook

Despite concerns over rising inflation and slowing growth, Macro Strategist John Butler expects the global recovery to continue in 2022. Members of our Central Macro Team look at what a lower-carbon world could mean, from its effects on global growth and the cost of capital to the potential for geopolitical conflict and higher inflation. Investors should brace themselves to navigate one of the most unpredictable and complex geopolitical backdrops in decades, says Geopolitical Strategist Thomas Mucha.