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Mar 2015 | Viewpoint | REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Peripheral vision: Incorporating commodities in multi-asset portfolios

Authors: Wendy Cromwell, CFA , ...

Are commodities an effective inflation hedge? Where do they fit in different institutional portfolios? Members of our asset allocation team offer their insights. Read more


Mar 2015 | Viewpoint | REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Investment-grade corporate bonds: Why we favor the US

Author: Scott St. John, CFA

With yields on developed market sovereign bonds near zero — or even below — US investment-grade corporates are worth a close look, stacking up favorably versus their eurozone counterparts. Read more


Mar 2015 | Viewpoint | REGISTRATION REQUIRED

From hero to zero and beyond: Investment implications of negative yields

Authors: Sunil Kapadia , ...

Once a theoretical impossibility, negative-yielding bonds are now a reality. We discuss the implications of this profound development, which are likely to be far-reaching and surprising. Read more



Energy valuations: Short-term volatility balanced by potential for long-term gain

Author: Nick Petrucelli, CFA

With oil prices down about 50% and energy market valuations at levels we have rarely seen, it is reasonable to ask if this is a buying opportunity. Read more