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May 2017

Political turmoil in the US and EM: Same week, different implications

Author: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

After months of eerily low volatility and higher valuations in risk assets, markets got hit with a double whammy last week of untoward political developments in the US and Brazil. Here, I’ll cover what... Read More


Correlation and dispersion: Return of the stock picker's market?

Authors: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson, ...

Even for the most skilled equity portfolio managers, high correlations and low dispersion can be an unhealthy mix. If returns for individual securities move in the same direction (high correlation) and at a... Read More


Charging toward a lower-carbon economy

Author: Alan Hsu

Despite negative rhetoric from the Trump administration and the recent repeal of the US Clean Power Plan, we strongly believe that companies focused on sustainability and renewable energy will continue to... Read More


Making fixed income work harder

Author: Michael Taylor

Traditionally, fixed income has played four key roles within investors’ broader portfolios, seeking to provide: Income to meet short- and long-term obligations, Return to enhance the total return... Read More


Maximizing total return in fixed income: The three key ingredients

Authors: Brian Garvey, ...

In today’s challenging fixed income environment, we think investors seeking total return from fixed income are best served by a three-pronged framework supported by robust risk management: Strategic... Read More