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Wellington Management offers comprehensive investment management capabilities that span nearly all segments of the global capital markets. Our investment solutions, tailored to the unique return and risk objectives of clients in more than 55 countries... Read more

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Global Economic Outlook: The aftermath of Brexit

Author: Robert Scherfke, PhD

The likely exit of the UK from the European Union (EU) will be a historic event and an institutional challenge for the region. We think it will lead to a UK recession and a euro-area slowdown, but believe a... Read More


Fixed Income Outlook: Rising political risks: US national elections in focus

Authors: Toby Johnston, ...

This article reflects the authors’ views as of July 14. Was Brexit just the beginning? Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has revealed deep anti-establishment and anti-globalization... Read More


Global Equity Outlook: Navigating continued volatility

Author: Equity Product Management

We look for signs of a change in factor leadership and assess potential opportunities in emerging markets and, in the US, within small caps, select consumer staples, and quality energy producers. Read More


Global Commodities Update: Third quarter 2016

Authors: David Chang, CFA, ...

We provide an update on the commodities complex, including insights on individual commodity subsectors. Read More


Global ESG Research Update: Proxy-voting season highlights

Authors: Jeff Barbieri, ...

For Wellington Management's Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) research team, the second quarter means one thing: proxy-voting season. To put a number on it, 70% of the voting that we do... Read More