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The UK: From the EU to the ER

Author: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

Following Brexit — the UK’s historic vote to leave the EU after 43 years — I wanted to share my perspectives, as well as those of some of my colleagues, on what has happened and what is next... Read More

Jun 2016

Britain leaves Europe: Now what?

Authors: John Butler, ...

Global Bond Strategist John Butler and Global Macro Advisor Thomas Mucha consider the ramifications of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. Read More


The case for ALTA

Authors: Nathan Ritsko, ...

In this podcast, we introduce the case for ALTA. We cover three questions: 1) What problems does ALTA try to solve? 2) What types of investors would be interested in this approach? 3) What role does it play in... Read More


Emerging markets local debt: Time to buy?

Author: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

We analyze several factors that suggest a potentially attractive entry point for ELD and describe the potential benefits of this market segment. Read More


Insights on alternatives investing

Authors: Sarah Williamson, CFA, CAIA, ...

We invite you to view these highlights from the recent alternatives module of our Wellington Institute program.... Read More