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Wellington Management offers comprehensive investment management capabilities that span nearly all segments of the global capital markets. Our investment solutions, tailored to the unique return and risk objectives of clients in more than 50 countries... Read more

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Japan: The “blood-red supermoon” of investing

Authors: Kent Stahl, CFA, ...

In a world with few compelling trades, Japanese equities offer a rare phenomenon: a standout beta opportunity coinciding with equally compelling alpha potential. Read More


Market Matters: Stick to quality in 2016

Author: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

In this recent client presentation, Global Investment Strategist Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson shares her insights on the global capital markets.An edited transcript can be downloaded below the video. Read More


Contingent securities (CoCos): Review of 2015 performance and outlook for 2016

Author: David Marshak

In 2015, CoCos generated a full-year total return of 6.9% as measured by the BofA/Merrill Lynch Contingent Capital Index. In a year when most risk assets struggled to generate positive total returns, this... Read More


Six reasons why commodities are attractive

Author: David Chang, CFA

Commodities Portfolio Manager David Chang explains why current extreme pressures on commodity prices make him optimistic about future investment returns. Read More


The bumpy road to China’s economic rebalancing

Author: Bo Meunier, CFA

Investors recently endured another bout of volatility in the China A-share market, which fell 7% on 4 January 2016 and again three days later, losing a total of over 16% by the end of the first week of the... Read More