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Mar 2017
Macro and market

With uncertainty so high, why is market volatility so low?

Authors: Sunil Kapadia, ...

The outlook for economies and investment markets worldwide seems unusually uncertain amid rising anti-globalization sentiment and electoral surprises such as Brexit and Donald Trump’s win. At the same... Read More

Mar 2017

Modi's latest victory should be positive for India

Authors: Niraj Bhagwat, CA, ...

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won a stronger-than-expected victory in the state elections of Uttar Pradesh (UP), returning the party to power after 14 years. UP is... Read More


Emerging resiliency: A closer look at attractive opportunities in EMs

Authors: Jamie Rice, CFA, ...

Following the US presidential election in November, emerging market (EM) equities swooned due to fears about the potential negative effects of protectionism, rising interest rates, and a stronger US dollar.... Read More

Mar 2017
Macro and market

A framework for thinking about rising inflation: Think Function, Not Form

Author: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

Think Function, Not Form (TFNF) is an asset allocation framework I use to help me construct portfolios with diversified exposure to investments that have the potential to outperform in various economic... Read More


The renewed case for absolute return fixed income: From challenges to...

Authors: Chris Perret, CFA, ...

Absolute return fixed income strategies, designed to be opportunistic and capable of performing in both up and down markets, gained the attention and support of investors after the global financial crisis.... Read More