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Our stewardship investing team aims to identify and invest in ESG leaders and/or companies measurably improving their ESG practices. They believe companies focused on ESG in conjunction with financial fundamentals have the potential to develop competitive advantages and increase their value.

Creating a flywheel effect

Seeking sustainable returns and stewardship

Our stewardship investment team believes companies that sustain attractive returns on capital can focus on positive ESG outcomes, leading to potentially higher stock prices and enabling further investment in stewardship. This may help generate a virtuous cycle, or flywheel effect, improving both profitability and stewardship over time. 

Data-driven, fundamental research
The goal is to identify ESG leaders or companies measurably improving their ESG practices. We use analytical frameworks and proprietary rating systems, in addition to fundamental research and engagement.
Constructive dialogue and engagement

This investment team believes that working with companies to improve practices and focusing on the full set of stakeholder considerations helps them better assess management depth, risk controls, and innovation potential.


Meet the Manager

“Find out how Portfolio Manager Yolanda Courtines uses her cosmopolitan background and language skills to identify companies with outstanding steward practices.”

Yolanda Courtines, CFA, Equity Portfolio Manager and Chair, Investment Stewardship Committee

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Meet our stewardship investing experts


Yolanda Courtines


Equity Portfolio Manager
Mark Mandel

Mark Mandel


Equity Portfolio Manager

Carolina San Martin


Director, ESG Research


Reports and policies

We aim to approach all regulation with investment integrity and in a manner consistent with our clients' expectations.

FAQS: Stewardship investing

*All investment teams at the firm can access the tools and dashboards discussed. Investor usage typically depends on the types of approaches the investor manages, or their specific areas of coverage. Investors managing portfolios in accordance with ESG- and SI-specific strategies, those incorporating ESG into their fundamental process, and those managing in accordance with client guidelines and regulations are typically the most frequent users of these tools.

We believe that ESG issues are strategic business issues that can affect the long-term value of a security. Therefore, as with any other form of risk analysis, integrating ESG analysis into the investment process may help investors identify both opportunities and sources of material financial risks, which may alter their investment thesis about a given security. Companies or issuers with high degrees of ESG risk can potentially face higher costs associated with regulation, litigation, consumer preference, or investor behavior. 

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