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Meet the managers

In this special series, our investors cover a range of topics including their personal investing philosophies, why collaboration matters, and what makes them a better investor at Wellington.

Alan Hsu

Global Industry Analyst Alan Hsu discusses why he views climate not as a cost, but as a revenue, and how Wellington’s long-term, collaborative culture is so important for climate-related investing.

Niraj Bhagwat, CA

Hear from Niraj Bhagwat, CA, equity portfolio manager, on the strengths of working with a diverse team, how becoming a better investor is a never-ending journey not a destination, and why collaborating with other Wellington investors across the globe can help deliver better outcomes for our clients.

Mary Pryshlak, CFA

Mary Pryshlak, CFA, head of Investment Research, describes her investment philosophy, what distinguishes Wellington from competitors, and how our experienced global industry analysts translate research into actionable ideas.

John Boselli, CFA

John Boselli, CFA, global equity portfolio manager, shares how his engineering background shaped his approach to investing; the importance of collaboration with Wellington’s global industry analysts; and what makes him a better, more prepared investor.

Brij Khurana

Hear from Brij Khurana, fixed income portfolio manager, about his diverse investment background, how to not become a tourist in the market, and where he finds the best opportunities in the fixed income market.

Ed Meyi, FRM

Ed Meyi, FRM, fixed income portfolio manager, specializes in matching client goals with the capabilities of the Global Bond Team. Hear more about Ed’s approach, including why it’s important to understand the investment philosophy of each portfolio manager on the team and why idea generation at Wellington is unique.