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We seek to hire a diverse group of talented individuals who are, or can become, the best at what they do — and who are passionate about their work

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Hear firsthand from some of our employees about why they chose Wellington Management and what it’s like to work here.

I firmly believe our philosophy of client, firm, self plays out every day in everything we do.

Michelle Hunter, CFA, Relationship Manager, Chicago

My first manager told me, ‘If you see a void, step into it.’ That’s something I really appreciate about Wellington. There has always been room for career growth.

Alyssa Irving, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Boston

Here in the Tokyo office, we serve as a bridge from this impressive global firm to our local clients. In order to serve our clients here well, we need to understand local culture and local demand, and to focus all of our global resources in a way that is most relevant to our clients.

Kazuya Yuasa, Head of Client Group, Tokyo

My team is a diverse group of analysts and portfolio managers. We come from all over the world, and we are passionate about our work. We each bring different experiences and insights into the countries and companies we cover.

Sam Epee-Bounya, Fixed Income Credit Analyst, Boston

We are fortunate to have a very diverse community. My own background is non-traditional. I am the son of a refugee who fled Hungary for Switzerland in 1956. And I studied for my Bachelor’s when I was 31 and working.

Jeno Szabo, Director, Client Group, Zurich

Open-mindedness is something you need to bring to the table here. Given the nature of the business, every day brings a new challenge. The phrase ‘it’s not my job’, is not part of our culture.

Lynda Duna, Administrative Manager, Boston

Frank Catrickes, CFA, CMT

Equity Portfolio Manager

Frank Catrickes

For me, choosing to come to Wellington Management was an excellent career decision. I had received my undergraduate degree and was certain that I wanted to be a portfolio manager. I could not have imagined that my career would unfold here as it has.

At Wellington Management, you can have an impact even from day one. As my role evolved, I began taking on increased responsibility relatively quickly. We have a merit-based culture where there is no predefined career track. In fact, I could have taken a number of paths but chose to stay true to my original goal.

Portfolio managers and analysts here are given autonomy and flexibility to do their jobs the way they feel is best.

The environment at Wellington Management is great as well — I have to say that I love coming to work every day.

Belinda Lim

Legal Counsel

Belinda Lim

It is tremendously fulfilling to be legal counsel for Wellington Management in a region as dynamic as Asia. I provide support regarding the regulatory and other legal aspects of conducting business in Asia ex Japan. However, being regional counsel is more than knowing the rules. My role also involves understanding local business practices, culture, and conditions and communicating those broadly throughout the organization. I am continually learning about new and increasingly important markets as our business grows, changes, and develops.

Wellington Management provides a humanistic environment that encourages and values teamwork and is inclusive and supportive. This culture makes engaging with others here stimulating, challenging, and rewarding. It is especially satisfying that legal counsel has a seat at the table and can contribute meaningfully to business decisions.

To me, Wellington Management is about commitment to clients, best practices, and the utmost professionalism and diversity of its people.

Danny Sharp

Director, Midwest Region and Business Development Manager

Danny Sharp

Wellington Management is a great place to have a long-term career. I am British, and before I joined the firm, I worked for large American companies in London and then ran an independent investment boutique in Chicago. Managing a territory for Wellington Management from our Chicago office is like the marriage of both environments. It’s like running your own business but with the tremendous resources, teamwork, and backing of a premier firm.

Wellington Management is an elite firm without being elitist. We are collegial and we’re competitive, but not with each other. Everyone is vested in the success of their colleagues. When you have an idea or solution for a client, you seek a wider audience because you know your colleagues will add valuable new dimensions to your thinking.

The company is focused on equipping its people to succeed. Here, I get support, autonomy, and trust rather than short-term sales targets. This is a great place to work if you love investments; you’ll find a constant and diverse stream of new ideas, products, and strategies.

This might sound like I’m exaggerating, but I have never enjoyed my career as I do now. It’s as though everything I did prior to joining Wellington Management was preparing me to work here.

Cindy Marrs, CFA

Director, Global Financial Intermediaries Group

Cindy Marrs

Wellington Management’s culture is collegial and collaborative — on a global scale. At each of our locations around the world, we emphasize professionalism, collaboration, and diversity. At the same time, each office has a distinctive local culture and sense of pride.

My role is global in scope, and I can see how each regional office values the freedom they have to serve clients in the ways they believe are best. As one of the individuals who helped build the firm’s London operation, I witnessed firsthand how collaboration among our various groups helps people succeed. We were given the time, support, and resources to develop our vision and produce results. Here, intellectual input and teamwork are what count, not what your title is or where you came from.

Wellington Management is a special organization. I believe we are true fiduciaries of our clients’ assets. Client, Firm, Self… that’s the moral compass that guides our decision-making and helps us feel very good about what we do every day.

Tara Fitzgerald

Compliance Manager

Tara Fitzgerald

I have been at Wellington Management since 1999 and can honestly say that I learn something new every day. The environment is highly dynamic and challenges me to think creatively. Part of that is the nature of my role as a global compliance manager and problem solver. But the other aspect is that I work with extremely intelligent people. When we collaborate on a solution, we share our ideas as well as our concerns. It’s an environment where you can be confident expressing yourself.

There are abundant career opportunities for people at Wellington Management. I have moved in and out of various roles, constantly challenging myself in new areas. I am allowed to test my ideas and run with them. To a large extent, you control your destiny by the contributions you make.

If you want to be constantly challenged, if you want to grow and learn, you can be very successful at Wellington Management.

Patrick Eastwood

Director, Client Integration and Administration

Patrick Eastwood

At Wellington Management, we have a culture and environment that support personal success in two ways. First, you are encouraged to stretch beyond your comfort zone. For me, this meant taking on different roles that supported my growth and success. I have been with the firm for 22 years and am in my sixth role. I started in one area and then moved to another — and even worked for four years in one of our Asian offices — before settling in my current role back in Boston, and now am two years into another role in Client Services. In each role, I have been encouraged and supported to develop and apply my skills and talents to contribute in that area and to do what I believed would make the firm and me better. Each experience has contributed to my growth and success in the next role and has been personally and professionally rewarding.

Second, the firm encourages all people here to put forward their ideas, asking us to be creative and work collaboratively to hone those ideas and implement them. A great example of this is last year the implementation of “think week,” which encouraged employees to put ideas forward to improve the firm and each department participated in reviewing and actioning the ideas relevant to their areas.

I like to describe Wellington Management as an all-star team of high-caliber people who work together to win. I can honestly say that here you can do almost anything or go anywhere when you apply yourself, are open-minded, and work collaboratively to achieve overall success.

Learn more about life at Wellington

Learn more about life at Wellington

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