Jean Hynes, CEO

From strength to strength: Celebrating 20 years in Hong Kong

Jean Hynes
CEO, Wellington Management

As Wellington Management celebrates two decades in Hong Kong, we’re excited to continue building on our commitment to the region and to the local community.

Jean Hynes
CEO, Wellington Management

September 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the opening of Wellington Management’s Hong Kong office. 

Since the opening, I’ve been proud to see our business strengthen and grow. We’ve expanded our resources over time to help us serve a wider range of clients, from institutional asset owners to high-net-worth investors. In 2022, we extended our research-driven investment capabilities to the retail market with income and growth offerings. These solutions, aimed at helping retail investors better navigate today’s market complexities, capitalize on our long history of multi-asset investing, stretching back to 1928 and the launch of one of the first balanced funds.

We’ve also worked hard to support our clients in challenging times, including pivoting to help meet their needs during the pandemic.

These and other examples reflect our long-term commitment to Hong Kong. I look forward to our next chapter, as we continue to put our talent and our exceptional firm culture to work in this important market. 

Different by design

In the pursuit of investment excellence in Hong Kong and around the world, we’ve chosen to do things a little differently — from our ownership structure to the way we generate ideas. As one of the world’s largest independent investment managers, for example, we believe our private ownership model enables us to better align our interests with those of our clients. 

We’ve built an integrated investment ecosystem that brings together more than 60 independent investment teams and 900+ investment professionals under a single management framework. We do not have a top-down CIO view. Instead, each of our investment teams is empowered to execute on its unique perspectives to meet the different needs of clients. Overlaying all of this is our extraordinary culture, which has evolved over decades and emphasizes our clients-first focus and a deep commitment to collaboration, among other core values.

I would also highlight our firm’s dedication to and progress on diversity — for example, women represent 45% of our global workforce. We still have work to do, but every day I see examples of how our increasingly diverse workforce supports our efforts to generate differentiated insights that can ultimately benefit our clients.

Active management empowered by unique perspectives

We believe our bottom-up research is one of our competitive advantages and positions us to help clients in Hong Kong pursue a variety of objectives — through our expertise and in-depth insights across the major asset classes and in multi-asset and alternative investment solutions. This is largely facilitated by our “career analysts” — many of whom have covered a single industry for 15 to 20 years across key sectors, such as finance, health care, technology, and energy. Our analysts also collaborate globally to bring their distinctive perspectives across multiple market and product cycles to making decisions on behalf of our clients.

In today’s complex market environment, we think success in asset management requires not only deep global research, but also a long-term horizon and an ability to connect dots between fundamental, quantitative, macroeconomic, and technical insights. We believe our collaborative culture, in which our investors actively share research and challenge one another’s views and potential blind spots, helps us to draw these connections and sharpens investment decisions across a wide range of strategies. This includes equity strategies that span disciplines, geographies, industries, market capitalizations, and styles; fixed income strategies — from broad market solutions to strategies based on specific duration, geographic, or sector parameters; and multi-asset and alternative strategies designed to help clients pursue a variety of goals.

Investing in the future of Hong Kong

Looking ahead, there is much to be excited about in Hong Kong. We’re equally optimistic about the region’s economic future and its trajectory as a global investment hub. 

As we move deeper into the retail market in Hong Kong, I am confident our firm will continue to offer value to investors — genuine opportunities for capital growth, income, and diversification across global markets. And as new investment ideas and innovations emerge, we are ready to explore them with our clients.

Finally, our commitment to Hong Kong extends beyond our business and is consistent with our pledge to every community in which we have offices: We believe in actively investing in the communities where we live and work. Our efforts with community organizations in Hong Kong, aided by Wellington employees who offer their support, include relationships with organizations such as the Autism Partnership, Enrich, and Principal Chan Free Tutorial World. Since 2015, for example, our involvement in the Principal Chan Free Tutorial World has helped provide free tutorials and learning support for over 22,000 underprivileged children in Hong Kong — improving educational opportunities with efforts like this has long been a focus for our firm. 

There is much more to our chapter in Hong Kong, of course, and as we continue to write it in partnership with our clients, I believe the best is yet to come.



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