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Diversity, equity, and inclusion

At Wellington Management, we believe that a diverse workforce thrives in an equitable and inclusive culture. Our unwavering commitment to global DEI is imperative; we are in a knowledge business focused on achieving investment excellence for our clients. We can only achieve that objective by hiring, developing, and retaining differentiated talent to collaborate for stronger business and investment outcomes.

2022 Global diversity, equity, and inclusion report

We believe that transparency fosters trust, responsibility, and accountability. The development of the Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (GDEI) Report stems from our shared values of integrity, collaboration, and differentiation. By sharing diversity data and information, we can provide insight on where we are and where we want to be when communicating with clients, recruitment candidates, and colleagues.

While we have a clear vision of what GDEI success looks like, we recognize that this is a journey. We also realize that our firm and industry have a long way to go. And we fundamentally believe that increased transparency regarding diversity data promotes accountability and allows our firm and our industry to measure progress.


At Wellington Management, we believe our clients benefit from a firm that attracts exceptional talent by standing up for gender equality and bringing diverse individuals together to create equal opportunities to grow, advance, and fulfill their highest potential.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked colleagues from around the world what they were choosing to challenge to help forge a gender equal world. Here’s what we learned…


Learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion in this fireside chat between the director of our Client Group, Stefan Haselwandter, and our director of Global Diversity and Inclusion, Shawna Ferguson. We hope this discussion — the first in a series — will be part of a broader conversation to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion across our industry — educating, challenging, and connecting us to move forward together.


We take pride in our diverse backgrounds and experiences — inclusive of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, creed, national origin, age, ancestry, disability (physical or mental), medical condition, citizenship, marital status, pregnancy, veteran or military status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. They help us challenge conventional wisdom, spark creative thinking, and enrich our lives and relationships.

Our approach to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture is driven by leaders of the firm, implemented by managers, supported by employees, and guided by our director of Global Diversity and Inclusion.

Our cross-functional Diversity Committee supports a multiyear diversity and inclusion strategy, with aspirational goals linked to three areas of focus: talent, culture, and community.


Learn more about how our business networks keep our firm connected with clients, talent, and communities globally. 


We strive to build exceptional teams that are as diverse as our clients. In line with this goal, we have increased our efforts to hire, develop, retain, and advance employees from underrepresented groups across all levels at our firm. We partner with several diversity associations to help us. Learn more about careers at Wellington Management.

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The Wellington Management ecosystem thrives when we “seek a wide audience,” which means listening to different perspectives and appreciating other points of views. We believe this diversity of thought ultimately helps us achieve better results for our clients.

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We provide our employees with learning opportunities to enhance their knowledge about inclusive workplace practices. These include skill-building sessions focusing on unconscious bias; cross-cultural competency; and recognizing differences in work, communication, and thinking styles, including generational differences.


Our culture is centered around our focus on our clients, collaboration, respectful debate, and differentiated thinking. These shared values are core to who we are as a firm, and are the basis for our long-standing commitment to being diverse and inclusive.

All employees are responsible for contributing to our diverse and inclusive culture by mitigating bias from investment, talent, and business decisions, and demonstrating inclusive behaviors. For example, each day our investment teams meet to discuss a broad range of investment perspectives in our Morning Meetings. We believe this collegial approach drives better solutions for our clients.

Our business networks and diversity working groups are part of this open, collaborative culture. They connect people with different backgrounds and shared interests on initiatives related to employee engagement, recruitment, development, education, and community outreach. The networks offer a global, cross-functional perspective that can help us arrive at more informed decisions for our clients, and support our talent, investment, and business objectives. Learn more about our business networks.


We invest in the communities where we work and live by engaging in philanthropic efforts, including targeted corporate giving. These initiatives focus on bridging the achievement gap between students with different backgrounds and profiles. We also contribute to our communities through knowledge-sharing forums, mentoring, and volunteer events. Learn more.

Wellington Management values diversity in every aspect of its business, including procurement. We are building a supply network that reflects our principles of inclusion by leveraging diverse suppliers. Businesses owned and managed by ethnic minorities, women, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and those from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community are just some examples of our diverse supplier partnerships.