Biodiversity investment research

Given widespread economic dependence on ecosystem services, market participants may need to develop a better understanding of the financial risks associated with biodiversity loss and the depletion of natural capital.


Understanding the basic science of biodiversity

Biodiversity is enormously complex. This presentation explains several foundational concepts that investors can use to build knowledge.

Why investors should take note of biodiversity loss

Broad scientific consensus, along with our work to date with Woodwell Climate Research Center and the MIT Joint Program for the Science and Policy of Global Change, has helped us conclude that biodiversity loss may be a material and relevant financial risk consideration for companies and their investors. Here, were detail our views and share steps investors can take to learn more.

Sharing knowledge on biodiversity

As with any rapidly evolving area, we continually strive to interpret changing client, market, and regulatory priorities around biodiversity — particularly for disclosure and risk management. We have joined several industry groups to learn from and contribute practitioners’ perspectives on developing policies and practices.