2022 Impact highlights

The views expressed are those of the teams comprising Wellington’s Impact Platform including our impact equity and fixed income investment teams and IMM Practice. For these teams and strategies, impact measurement and management and engagement is a core component of the investment process. These practices do not necessarily extend to other strategies that Wellington Management offers. Views are those of the authors at the time of writing, and other teams may hold different views and make different investment decisions. The value of your investment may become worth more or less than at the time of original investment. While any third-party data used is considered reliable, its accuracy is not guaranteed. For professional, institutional, or accredited investors only.

Impact Investing Platform

Impact Investing Platform

2022 impact highlights

Investments in our equity and fixed income portfolios have enabled companies and other issuers to achieve the following impact:


Note: 47% of our holdings (as a percentage of market value) leverage a common KPI that can be aggregated. Market value % captures asset leg of a total return swap on one Global Impact Equity holding. If a company or issuer does not report a figure that we believe aligns with one of our aggregated KPIs, we still monitor and report the KPI over time, but do not include it in the above aggregated statistics which we believe provide a conservative estimate of the impact our funds enable. All reported impact KPIs are obtained from publicly available information. We do not account for fund ownership stakes in the above calculations which represent 100% of the impact of the companies or issuers in which we invest. For each aggregated KPI we provide what we believe to be a relevant reference point. These are for context only and do not imply any equivalence for our KPIs regarding benefits delivered for society and the environment. 2022 data has been used for all holdings included in the above aggregation excluding one holding, where 2021 data has been used as 2022 data is not yet available. | All investing involves risk. Investors should consider the risk to their capital, before investing. These impact highlights relate to the representative accounts for our impact equity and fixed income strategies, and is for informational purposes only, is subject to change, and is not indicative of future portfolio characteristics or returns.. The value of your investment may become worth more or less than at the time of original investment.

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Impact reports

See impact highlights from each of our strategies, along with measurable impact results from the companies and issuers in which we invest.