Invest in potential long-term growth and value drivers


In pursuit of value creation, our sustainable theme investment professionals focus on companies whose products and services, in their view, stand to make positive long-term contributions to society and the environment, underpinned by structural economic drivers.

Focusing on trendlines, not headlines

Building on Future Themes

For more than 40 years, Wellington investors have engaged in a firmwide research initiative, aimed at identifying the ideas that will shape the future. This culture of thematic thinking is the basis of and inspiration behind our next-generation investment approaches. 

Aligning with structural economic development drivers

Structural themes can change the world. Areas like biotechnology or renewable energy, which were barely investable 30 years ago, are now enormous opportunity sets. Today’s next-generation ideas may be among the most important long-term economic drivers for the next 30 years. 

Finding growth potential

The dynamics that sustain economic progress are typically more enduring than near-term growth drivers, and these structural trends can provide a wide range of investment opportunities.

Active approach; prudent risk management

Our sustainable theme investment professionals believe an active approach to thematic investing is essential for identifying disruptive companies that can improve outcomes through scale, cooperation, and innovation. Our portfolio construction focuses on risk contributions, aiming to smooth risk and return experiences across thematic exposures. 

How to invest


Emerging Market Development Fund

Thematic emerging markets equity fund focused on sustainable economic development themes

Art.8 (SFDR)

Capital at risk

Next-generation opportunities

Our Investment Strategy (iStrat) Team builds on Wellington’s Future Themes research initiative, a more than 40-year tradition focused on identifying long-term, structural themes that lead to sustainable economic development. The iStrat Team believes the most exciting development forces for the next few decades, particularly across emerging markets, will center on the megatrends of inclusion, sustainability, and innovation.



Pharmaceutical innovation cuts across sector lines

“I think looking more broadly at the whole health care ecosystem — across subsectors of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and health care services — it’s a really great time for dedicated health care analysts to research companies and build portfolios for clients.”

— Rebecca Sykes, CFA, Global Industry Analyst

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Meet our sustainable theme investing experts


Dáire Dunne


Head of Next Generation Thematic
Simon Charles Henry

Simon Henry


Equity Portfolio Manager

Natasha Brook-Walters

Co-Head of Investment Strategy


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