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We are one of the world’s largest privately owned fund managers. Our funds provide wealth managers with access to innovative investment approaches created by our diverse investment teams.

Decades of unique perspectives

Our differences, by design

In the pursuit of investment excellence, we’ve chosen to do things a little differently – from how we structure our ownership model and investment platform to the way we generate ideas.

Independent thinking at scale

From our global network of investment boutiques to our private ownership model, we are independent by design. This enables our investors to remain focused on our clients’ long-term success.


Discovering by debating

By debating new ideas and sharing research across asset classes, regions, and investment disciplines, our investors can uncover hidden insights, risks, and opportunities.

Today’s rapidly evolving markets are more uncertain and interconnected than ever before. In this environment, true collaboration is a rare, repeatable competitive edge.


Expertise across every aspect

We’ve built an integrated investment ecosystem combining nearly 50 independent investment teams and 900+ investor professionals under a single management framework.

By combining expertise across every aspect of investing, trading, data science and more, our clients get the benefits of independent thinking without the downsides of a siloed culture. 


Our investment ecosystem

We combine independent insights across asset classes, skill sets, and investment disciplines because we believe collaboration is a rare, repeatable competitive edge.


Portfolio management

Our globally integrated investment boutique model brings together nearly 50 independent investment teams across all asset classes, under a single management framework.

Investment research

Our independent, research-driven teams draw on insights from 900+ investment professionals worldwide, including our global industry, credit, ESG, and macro teams.

Sustainable investing

We integrate sustainable research and engagement practices across our sustainable investment platform. This includes impact, climate, ESG forefront, and sustainable thematic investing.

Investment strategy

Our Investment Strategy Group (iStrat) draws on our entire investment platform to conduct research, evaluate portfolios, and implement custom client solutions.

Investment science

Working alongside our Investment Science Group (iSci), our investment teams leverage data science innovations to improve efficiency, find new investment ideas, and manage risk.

Risk management

Our investors manage risk by harnessing data-science-powered investment risk tools, a robust risk-management framework, and risk specialists across asset classes.

Contact the team

matt knight
Matt Knight
Head of UK Distribution

Our clients are always looking for new and innovative ways to differentiate their client portfolios. The UK distribution team look forward to hearing from you. Please do get in touch using the links below to find out more.

Matt Knight
Head of UK Distribution

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