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We embrace sustainability within our operations and empower our people to be good stewards of the communities in which we live and work.

Beth Piskorowski, Chief Operating Officer, Sustainable Investment

Taking steps forward

Together, we look at sustainability from our unique perspectives, accounting for the spectrum of risks, and rewards for our clients, our company, and our people.

Corporate sustainability at Wellington refers to how our firm operates responsibly and sustainably. As a private partnership, we believe we have greater freedom to foster a culture and encourage the innovation that empowers our people to take action on sustainability, benefiting our clients, our company, and our people.

2022 Highlights


Generated 45.5 GwH of green energy through our Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) with Enel Green Power

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Awarded $10.3m in grants to non profits through the Wellington Management Foundation

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Accelerated employee engagement through creation of Wellington Global Green Network


Our firm’s approach to corporate sustainability, focuses on:


Being effective stewards of sustainability within our operations


Partnering to help build thriving communities where we live and work


Empowering our colleagues to take action on sustainability

Effective operational stewards

We strive to consider sustainability within our operations, including the environmental impact of our offices and the human rights and diversity within our supply chains.

Thriving communities

We believe by partnering with others we can help to strengthen the communities where we live and work.

We leverage our firm's charitable giving and our colleagues’ time, talent, and generosity to help drive social and economic inclusion in our communities.

In addition, the Wellington Foundations* support programs that help expand educational opportunities for youth and young adults in historically underserved communities.

Empowering our colleagues

We encourage our employees to engage with our corporate sustainability approach by:

Learning more about their individual impact, both environmentally and socially

Acting on this knowledge, using their skills and expertise

Sharing their insights with others to help accelerate Wellington's corporate sustainability approach

*The Wellington Management Foundation and Wellington Management UK Foundation are both independent corporate foundations, supported by Wellington. The Wellington Management Foundation is run by an advisory board which includes a chair and vice chair and the Wellington Management UK Foundation is run by its chair and board of directors. All members of the Wellington Management Foundation advisory board are current or former Wellington employees and the board of the Wellington Management UK Foundation consists of Wellington employees and an independent director.

related topics

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

A diverse workforce and an equitable, inclusive culture is vital to our success, and our ability to excel for our clients. To achieve this, we seek to hire, develop, and promote underrepresented talent, nurturing an environment based on shared values, and promote the power of community.


Sustainable investing

Sustainability considerations continue to affect markets and economies in new ways. We believe a focus on sustainability gives investors and the companies and issuers they invest in greater power to drive value and create strategic advantages.