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Wellington Global Credit Buy and Maintain

Combining our skilled credit management through the cycle and experience of building liability-aware portfolios to provide long-term protection of your capital and cashflows.

mahmoud el shaer
Mahmoud El-Shaer, CFA
Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Since launching the Global Credit Buy and Maintain Strategy in 2009, we have protected capital thanks to our extensive research and collaborative approach, bringing in the insights from experts across Wellington.

Mahmoud El-Shaer, CFA
Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Wellington Expertise

£375bn +

Managed in credit


Globally in Buy and Maintain


Managed for pension and insurance companies globally

Wellington has a track record of working with UK pension and insurance schemes for over 30 years, combining pre-eminent credit management skills with deep actuarial expertise.

Today’s environment of lower liquidity, higher volatility and regulatory uncertainty throws up new challenges for pension schemes as they move closer to their end destination. And it is at these critical inflection points that we believe Wellington’s long-term perspective and experience in managing global pension and insurance portfolios truly come into play. 

All figures as at 30 June 2022

Insights by Mahmoud El-Shaer

How do we optimise the buy-and-maintain opportunity? 

We see buy and maintain as the exact opposite of “buy and forget”. For us, this type of approach has three key requirements:

Why Wellington?

As well as our proprietary, bottom-up research of individual credit issuers and sectors, we integrate macroeconomic factors and regulatory and ESG considerations into our investment approach. We think our success derives in large part from our collaboration with experts in their field across Wellington, be they actuaries, climate scientists or stewardship specialists. 

Globally integrated investment platform, with dedicated career researchers and actuarial expertise

  • Fixed income, equity and ESG research analysts pool their expertise 
  • Ongoing global and cross-asset dialogue and collaboration between portfolio managers and analysts on industry trends and the outlook for single issuers 
  • In-house actuarial expertise to partner with clients throughout plan design and implementation

Best-in-class trading technology and syndicate capabilities

  • Our global trading platform, with annual trading volume in excess of £9 million, gives us significant resources, pricing power on large deals and a first look at liquidity opportunities
  • Our Fixed Income Syndicate Team engages with sell-side syndicate desks to negotiate better pricing and deal terms, works to secure better allocations and proactively engages on investment and sustainability topics with reverse enquiry offerings 

Market-leading climate change research

  • We integrate transition risks, as well as broader ESG considerations, into portfolio management from the top down and bottom up
  • Our partnership with Woodwell Climate Research Center enables us to explicitly integrate the physical risks of climate change into our portfolio management
  • Collaborating with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change enhances our ability to engage with companies on the potential financial impact of climate-transition pathways

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