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iStrat, Wellington’s Investment Strategy & Solutions Group, collaborates closely with clients to help solve their investment challenges. This ranges from sharing our research on portfolio construction, markets and manager selection, to drawing on the full breadth of the firm’s capabilities to create and manage investment solutions tailored to each client’s specific goals.

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Our allocator and investor perspective

The practitioner perspective that comes from managing portfolios ourselves helps make our insights and solutions relevant to clients’ goals.

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FAQs: Investment Strategy & Solutions Group (iStrat)

Our Multi-Asset Team’s process starts with understanding a client’s objectives, risk tolerances, and implementation considerations. We then develop solutions through:

  • Strategic asset allocation — Risk-focused asset allocation with a longer time horizon
  • Manager research and security selection — Identification of underlying managers and exposures, with a focus on delivering security-selection alpha
  • Active allocation — Discrete processes that seek to enhance returns and mitigate risk

Factors are quantifiable characteristics that explain risk and return, such as “value” — a low stock price relative to a company’s earnings. Decades of industry and academic research have shown that these factors can potentially outperform markets at lower cost than traditional stock-picking strategies. Factors fall into broad categories with different performance profiles throughout the market cycle, and when combined, can have potential diversification benefits.

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