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Investment Outlook

Picture this: Our 2023 economic forecast in five charts

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This is an executive summary of our 2023 Investment Outlook, in which specialists from across our investment platform share insights on the economic and market forces that we expect to influence portfolios in the year to come. 

In this series of charts, we explore the implications of the ongoing transition toward a new global economy that began in 2022. Discover what defines this new market regime, how it may impact credit, equity, and alternatives markets, and the opportunities we see in thematic investing and climate-change mitigation.

Macro and rates outlook: Goodbye easy money, hello regime change 

From inflation to interest rates and more, the macroeconomic environment that has underpinned global financial markets for the past three decades is undergoing major transformation.

Learn about the potentially profound implications of this “regime change” for how investors should think about asset prices and market structures.


Thematic equity investing: Long-term thinking for a short-term world

The verdict is in: Thematic allocations may help reduce reliance on strong economic growth to drive strong portfolio returns.

Our iStrat team found that global equity themes were, on average, only about half as sensitive to the economic cycle as global equity sectors.

Discover why and learn how a thematic approach could help long-term investors weather shorter-term challenges. 


Sustainability outlook: The climate-change mitigation megatrend

While electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular worldwide, penetration rates are still relatively low in the world’s two largest economies, the US and China. That looks poised to change as EV production costs come down.

Bottom line: Using EVs as a proxy for the broader global climate transition, the future upside potential is huge.

Learn more about investment opportunities related to climate change.

Fig5_Understanding the climate-change mitigation megatrend_v6

To learn more about our outlooks for this year, read Navigating the new global economy in 2023, which distills the points of view of several of our 2023 Outlook authors, to discover the risks and opportunities they see as we enter a new economic and market regime. 

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