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    Preparing for a rising rate environment
    With the global economy on a steady though uneven upward trajectory, investors are beginning to contemplate an eventual end to ultra-loose monetary policy and a structural rise in interest rates in many countries. We offer thoughts from professionals across our firm on ways that investors can position themselves for this potential shift.

    Is downside risk management still important? A post US election addendum

    Authors: Edward Baldini, CFA, ...

    Market trends since the US election reinforce our conviction that a carefully constructed multi-manager approach can mitigate downside risk for equity portfolios across a variety of market regimes. As seen...

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    12月 2016
    Macro and market

    Rates are on the rise: What actions should you take

    作者: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

    Just when many people had embraced the idea of “low for longer,” the situation changed. While no two market regimes are the same, historical patterns can be instructive.

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    Bank loans: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

    Authors: Jeff Heuer, CFA, ...

    Bank loans offer a rare combination of relatively high income, low interest-rate sensitivity, diversification, and currently attractive valuations.

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    The case for absolute-return fixed income

    作者: Paul Skinner

    Today’s unsettled market conditions bolster the case for absolute-return approaches with no systematic beta bias. There is ample opportunity for active managers across the global government bond and...

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