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Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

Global Investment and Multi-Asset Strategist

Daniel Cook, CFA

Multi-Asset Analyst

John Butler

Global Bond Strategist

Toby Johnston

Global Bond Strategist

George Christou

Currency Strategist

Campe Goodman, CFA

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Joshua Berger, CFA, CMT

Equity Strategist and Investment Director

Travis Miley

Equity Portfolio Specialist

David Chang, CFA

Commodities Portfolio Manager

Joy Perry

Investment Director

Publication date: 2016 12月

2017 Investment Outlook

Macro and market | Appears in: Multi-asset, Fixed income, Equity, Quarterly and monthly series, Currency, Commodities

Political uncertainty, accelerating growth and inflation, higher yields, a stronger US dollar, the rotation from safety to cyclical sectors, a resurgent commodity cycle — thought leaders from across our investment platform share their views on these and other issues that will influence markets and portfolios in the year ahead.