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Michael Taylor
Associate Director, Fixed Income Product Management

W_lock Making fixed income work harder

Traditionally, fixed income has played four key roles within investors’ broader portfolios, seeking to provide: Income to meet short- and long-term obligations, Return to enhance the total return... Read More

Dec 2015
Macro and market

W_lock Corporate bond-market liquidity: Don’t be distracted by negative dealer...

Recent reports of negative corporate bond inventories held by US primary dealers have raised alarms about the potential impact of shrinking inventories on market liquidity. Even if the data released weekly by... Read More

Aug 2015

W_lock Alternative approaches to fixed income: An evaluation framework for bond...

We outline a framework that can be used to help classify the different types of fixed income approaches. We also discuss the role fixed income alternatives can play in portfolios, their risks, and some of the... Read More

W_lock The evolution of corporate bond liquidity: The good, the bad, and the ugly (...

Regulatory changes and large-scale fund flows are casting a spotlight on liquidity conditions in corporate bond markets. Two of our experts dive deeply into this issue. Read More