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Articles by author

Jamie Rice CFA
Equity Portfolio Manager

Emerging resiliency: A closer look at attractive opportunities in EMs

Following the US presidential election in November, emerging market (EM) equities swooned due to fears about the potential negative effects of protectionism, rising interest rates, and a stronger US dollar.... Read More

Jan 2017
Macro and market

Update on Latin America

In 2016, Latin American equities outperformed broader emerging markets for the first time since 2009. I believe that the region, which is pursuing much-needed reforms, is now poised to grow faster. The major... Read More

Jun 2016

W_lock Emerging markets: Follow the wallet

With correlations diverging across EM markets, Equity Portfolio Manager Jamie Rice will go “beyond the headlines” in this webcast to explore key drivers of growth in high-potential countries. He... Read More

May 2016
Video + paper

W_lock From the top: A fresh approach to generating alpha in emerging market equities

Portfolio Manager Jamie Rice combines a top-down approach that seeks to understand a country’s development path and sovereign-spread forecasts with bottom-up analysis of company fundamentals, corporate... Read More