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Outcomes-focused fixed income investing

Fixed income has historically provided investors with income, return, liquidity, and diversification. Yet it will be much more difficult for traditionally structured bond portfolios to do so going forward. We offer outcome-oriented ideas for positioning your bond allocation to retain these key benefits in a challenging environment.

  • Income to meet investors’ short- and long-term obligations
  • Return, seeking to enhance the total return of the overall portfolio
  • Liquidity to meet cash-flow needs and give the overall portfolio flexibility in asset allocation
  • Diversification for the overall portfolio to mitigate loss of capital at times of market stress

Making fixed income work harder

Author: Michael Taylor

Traditionally, fixed income has played four key roles within investors’ broader portfolios, seeking to provide: Income to meet short- and long-term obligations, Return to enhance the total return...

File under: Outcomes-focused fixed income investing


Maximizing total return in fixed income: The three key ingredients

Authors: Brian Garvey, ...

In today’s challenging fixed income environment, we think investors seeking total return from fixed income are best served by a three-pronged framework supported by robust risk management: Strategic...

File under: Outcomes-focused fixed income investing


Emerging local debt: Ready for takeoff

Authors: Michael Henry, ...

We believe emerging local debt (ELD ) has reached an important inflection point as fundamentals, valuations, and technicals have all improved. After several years of decelerating economic growth and...

File under: Outcomes-focused fixed income investing, Emerging markets: Active opportunities span asset classes


The case for higher-quality short-duration high yield

Author: Michael Hong, CFA

Investors in leveraged credit stand to benefit from currently attractive yields, tailwinds from a resilient US economy, and accommodative central bank policies around the world. Within the debt markets for...

File under: Outcomes-focused fixed income investing