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The search for income and return
Attractive opportunities may still be found in select fixed income sectors and strategies, as well as dividend-paying equities.

Bank loans: 25 years and growing

Authors: Michael Bacevich, ...

The bank loan market turned 25 years old in January 2017. To mark the occasion, we profile the evolution of the bank loan market and then highlight the four features of the asset class that have attracted...

File under: Preparing for reflation and rising rates, Outcomes-focused fixed income investing, The search for income and return

Nov 2016
Video + paper
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Finding dividends in unexpected places

Authors: Gabriel Kim, CFA, ...

Certain mid-sized dividend-paying companies have outperformed the market long term. Portfolio manager Gabe Kim shares his process and investment approach.

File under: The search for income and return


CLOs: Don’t let the initials scare you off

Author: Campe Goodman, CFA

Many investors have shied away from the structured securities market, which performed poorly during the financial crisis. Portfolio Manager Campe Goodman explains why he believes senior tranches of...

File under: The search for income and return, Outcomes-focused fixed income investing


Generating income: A three-pillar framework

Authors: Peter Wilke, ...

Multi-asset strategies — particularly those that incorporate dynamic asset allocation, structural diversification, and drawdown management — can be attractive ways to gain income.

File under: The search for income and return