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Opportunities and risks

The long and short of the tech sector: Key trends driving alpha opportunities

Authors: John Averill, CFA, ...

The technology sector is increasingly complex, supply chains are becoming more global, and the pace of innovation and disruption is accelerating. Across the sector, cyclical and secular inputs combine to...


Global high yield: Strategic strengths, expanding opportunities

Authors: Christopher Jones, CFA, ...

Global high yield offers not only potential income enhancement, but also possible value as an equity substitute and portfolio diversifier. The sector has historically delivered returns comparable to equities...


Insiders out: Why index owners may be getting less of the "good stuff"

Author: Mark Whitaker, CFA

Owner-operated businesses of all sizes, including well-known companies run by household names, are intentionally underrepresented in traditional US equity indexes. The widely used S&P, Russell, and MSCI US...


The consumer sector: Tailor-made for beta-neutral long/short investing

Author: Evan Hornbuckle

Alpha opportunities are created when the market underestimates or overestimates business quality, growth, and/ or risk. We believe several characteristics of the consumer sector make it particularly fertile...

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