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Apr 2017

French election: Potential economic and market implications

Authors: Jens Larsen, PhD, ...

We expect markets to turn pro-risk following the first round of the French presidential election, as the outcome increases the probability that centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron will win the second round to...

Apr 2017
Macro and market

Global Economic Outlook — How long can this keep going on?

Author: Robert Scherfke, PhD

After emphasizing the global reflation theme throughout the past year, we think this is a good time to step back and assess some of the cyclical and structural headwinds. The world faces an uneasy mix of...

File under: Preparing for reflation and rising rates

Feb 2017

President Trump — Policy sequencing remains key for markets

Authors: Michael Medeiros, CFA, ...

In the third and final in a series of 30-minute webcasts about the US election, our policy specialists assess President Trump’s transition and discuss the timing of reflationary policies such as tax...

Feb 2017
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Featured Publications eBook, 2016 volume 2

Our semiannual Featured Publications eBook offers a curated view of our recent thought leadership — from the implications of the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump to portfolio perspectives on...