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Feb 2017

President Trump — Policy sequencing remains key for markets

Authors: Michael Medeiros, CFA, ...

In the third and final in a series of 30-minute webcasts about the US election, our policy specialists assess President Trump’s transition and discuss the timing of reflationary policies such as tax...

File under: US election watch

Feb 2017
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Featured Publications eBook, 2016 volume 2

Our semiannual Featured Publications eBook offers a curated view of our recent thought leadership — from the implications of the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump to portfolio perspectives on...

Jan 2017
Macro and market

Global Economic Outlook: The global reflation theme is intact

Author: Robert Scherfke, PhD

We expect stronger global growth and higher inflation in 2017. The developed market macro policy shift is unfolding, with less monetary accommodation and more fiscal spending. We also foresee a tug of war in...

File under: Preparing for reflation and rising rates


India's bold moves: Investment implications of recent reforms

Authors: Murali Srikantaiah, ...

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to formalize the economy and boost growth are taking shape, creating an attractive entry point for investors.

File under: Emerging markets: Active opportunities span asset classes