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Sep 2016
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Featured Publications eBook

2016, volume 1 We are pleased to offer our semiannual Featured Publications eBook, which gathers highlights of our recent thought-leadership content into a single, easily searchable online document —...

Aug 2016
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Good reads: Books we couldn't put down

Authors: Kenneth Abrams, ...

We asked some of our investment professionals for books they have been reading. Kenny Abrams Equity Portfolio Manager Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation By Tony Seba “A compelling...


The hedge fund headache and the core alts cure

Author: Adam Berger, CFA

We propose a new framework for alternatives that encompasses conventional hedge funds while broadening the opportunity set to include “core alternatives” — strategies that use the same return...

File under: New paths for alternative investing


Equity long/short: Are your shorts delivering alpha?

Author: Dennis Kim, CFA

Although evaluating managers’ skill on the short side is difficult, shorting can play multiple roles in portfolios — and can potentially add substantial value, especially in certain sectors.

File under: New paths for alternative investing