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Tip of the iceberg? Iceland’s opportunities are just starting to surface

Authors: Brian Garvey, ...

Iceland’s financial crisis, which involved the collapse of the country’s commercial banking sector and triggered a three-year-long depression, seems to be headed for a storybook ending. Some local...

Jun 2017
Macro and market

Catching the turn in Japanese equities

Author: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

While US and European equities have strongly advanced this year, Japan has been a notable laggard. Despite more attractive valuations, asset owners seem to have given up on Japanese equities, frustrated by...

File under: Stars aligning over Japan

Jun 2017
Macro and market

Monthly Market Snapshot: May 2017

Author: Samuel A. Sanom, CFA

Equities Global equities (+1.7%) rallied for the seventh consecutive month, ending May with a 9.0% gain year to date. Market participants breathed a sigh of relief after independent centrist Emmanuel Macron...

Jun 2017
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2017 EM Summit video highlights

Authors: Dáire Dunne, CFA, ...

Hear from our on-the-ground investors about the trends they are analyzing as a result of recent economic and political reforms across emerging markets. Investing in EM...

File under: Emerging markets: Active opportunities span asset classes

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