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Fixed income
Aug 2017
Macro and market

US debt-ceiling dysfunction: Tail risk for financial markets

Author: Michael Medeiros, CFA

The key question in the debt-ceiling debate is whether a bill to raise the ceiling will be tied to spending decisions. The answer will dictate whether there is a clean debt-ceiling increase or a more...

Aug 2017
Macro and market

Monthly Market Snapshot: July 2017

Authors: Brett Hinds, ...

Equities Global equities (+1.9%) rose for the ninth consecutive month, ending July with an 11.3% gain year to date. Expanding economic growth, robust employment, and low inflation were key themes supporting...


STRIPS and synthetic overlays: A user's guide for corporate pensions

Authors: Joe Marvan, CFA, ...

Many defined benefit (DB ) plans are contemplating strategies to help lock in funded-ratio gains by increasing the hedge ratios of their portfolios. There are multiple implementation options to consider, in...

File under: New directions in liability-driven investing

Jul 2017
Macro and market

Fed holds rates steady: We weigh in on likely next steps

Author: Jeremy Forster

The US Federal Reserve’s (Fed’s) Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced that it will keep its target federal funds rate range at 1.00% – 1.25%. Market participants had largely...

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