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Fixed income
Feb 2017
Macro and market

Do bonds diversify equity risk?

Authors: Sunil Kapadia, ...

Summary Our analysis suggests that the benefits of government bonds as diversifiers of equity risk have been weakening in recent years, as evidenced by higher correlations of government bonds to equity prices...

Feb 2017

President Trump — Policy sequencing remains key for markets

Authors: Michael Medeiros, CFA, ...

In the third and final in a series of 30-minute webcasts about the US election, our policy specialists assess President Trump’s transition and discuss the timing of reflationary policies such as tax...

File under: US election watch

Feb 2017
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Featured Publications eBook, 2016 volume 2

Our semiannual Featured Publications eBook offers a curated view of our recent thought leadership — from the implications of the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump to portfolio perspectives on...


Tax reform and long bond supply: An "early mover" advantage for US corporate...

Authors: Bill Cole, CFA, CAIA, ...

Corporate tax cuts are a key component of President Trump's tax plan. While there are many details still to be ironed out, it seems likely that lower corporate tax rates are on the horizon. In this paper, we...

File under: New directions in liability-driven investing

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Feb 2014
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