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Jan 2017
Macro and market

Hidden duration in equities

Authors: Ben Cooper, CFA, ...

US Treasuries are driving equity markets and investors aren’t happy about it. Despite the clamor surrounding bond proxies (such as utilities and low-volatility stocks) over the last few years, it seems...

Dec 2016
Macro and market

2017 Investment Outlook

Authors: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson, ...

Political uncertainty, accelerating growth and inflation, higher yields, a stronger US dollar, the rotation from safety to cyclical sectors, a resurgent commodity cycle — thought leaders from across our...

Dec 2016
Portfolio policy

The case for global equities: Diversifying risk in a volatile world

Authors: Nick Petrucelli, CFA, ...

While the typical US defined-contribution pension plan portfolio has a structural bias toward US equities, we consider a 50% weighting to non-US equities to be a more efficient allocation. Further, after US...


India's bold moves: Investment implications of recent reforms

Authors: Murali Srikantaiah, ...

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to formalize the economy and boost growth are taking shape, creating an attractive entry point for investors.

File under: Capturing the resurgence — and divergence — in emerging market assets

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