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On the cusp of an epic tech cycle?

Author: Anita Killian, CFA

At the start of 2016, many people were surprised when I said that I thought a truly epic global technology cycle would be well underway by 2018 or 2019. Now, some market participants are turning more cautious...


What's in store for US retail?

Authors: Evan Hornbuckle, ...

Headlines about slowing retail sales, overcapacity, and store closings highlight the headwinds facing US retailers as consumers shift their buying activities from physical stores to online venues. Retail names...


End of risk-off? What the turning tide means for contrarians

Authors: Gregory Pool, CFA, ...

Since the Global Financial Crisis, investor risk aversion has created a 10-year bull market for equity assets perceived as “safe” (Figure 1). These include fixed income substitutes as well as...

Jun 2017
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2017 EM Summit video highlights

Authors: Dáire Dunne, CFA, ...

Hear from our on-the-ground investors about the trends they are analyzing as a result of recent economic and political reforms across emerging markets. Investing in EM...

File under: Emerging markets: Active opportunities span asset classes

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