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Feb 2017
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Enduring assets: When the steak matters more than the sizzle

Author: Tom Levering

A rapidly changing world poses new risks to capital markets and creates what seems to be an ever-increasing list of concerns. Many equities appear expensive — bonds even more so — and macro...


Downside risk management: Theory in practice

Author: Robert Gelwick, CFA

One of the key lessons coming out of the global financial crisis was that investors cannot afford to overlook downside risk management and the potential benefits of strategies that seek to outperform when the...

Feb 2017
Macro and market

Do bonds diversify equity risk?

Authors: Sunil Kapadia, ...

Our analysis suggests that the benefits of government bonds as diversifiers of equity risk have been weakening in recent years, as evidenced by higher correlations of government bonds to equity prices....

Feb 2017
Macro and market

Do you know where your equity revenues are coming from?

Author: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

Although global macro risks are top of mind these days, many investors are unaware of the extent to which political or economic trouble in other parts of the world could affect their equity holdings. When I...

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