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Our business networks

Our business networks and diversity working groups play a key role in our strategy for global diversity and inclusion by bringing together people with different backgrounds and shared interests to collaborate on initiatives related to talent engagement, recruitment, development/education, and community outreach. These networks offer a global, cross-functional perspective that we believe enables us to deliver our very best to our clients.

Connecting the firm with clients, talent and communities around the globe


ACCESS Asia The mission of Access Asia is to proactively support our global diversity and inclusion initiatives by embracing the rich cultural diversity within Asia, and highlighting Asia's growing cultural impact on globalization both within our firm and with our clients.

Asians in Motion (AIM) AIM was established to raise awareness of Asian cultures in the workplace and to recognize the contributions of Asian professionals. By creating and promoting a spirit of fellowship and loyalty, the group helps attract diverse talent to the firm and provides a forum for support, mentoring, and networking to all Wellington Management employees of Asian origin or with an interest in learning more about Asia. AIM is a global, all-inclusive business network that encourages colleagues of any origin to participate.

Conexiones Established to facilitate companywide connections among employees with a background or interest in Hispanic and Latin cultures, Conexiones offers a forum for strengthening employees’ personal and professional networks within the firm.

“A diverse employee base fosters a healthy difference of opinion, which is a crucial feature of our investment culture.” Phil Perelmuter, Managing Partner and Director of Investment Research, founding member of Conexiones


disAbilities Awareness Network Serves to strengthen our firm's competitive advantage by providing awareness and support for employees impacted by a disability — whether they are disabled themselves or serve as caregivers for others with disabilities.

Four Seas Founded to connect and support employees with a background or interest in Chinese culture, Four Seas provides a platform for strengthening networks, cultural exchanges, and career development and for sharing knowledge of Chinese culture and markets broadly across the firm.

Pride+ Pride+ supports the firm's open environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other supporting members to collaborate and network with colleagues. Through member-driven engagements and initiatives, Pride+ offers a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development to its members and allies across the firm.

Shades Shades was established to provide employees who have experience or interest in the African diaspora with the opportunity to connect and foster a sense of collaboration and community. Key goals of Shades include supporting the firm’s efforts to attract, develop, and engage employees of African descent.

Tokyo Diversity Working Group (TDWG) TDWG supports the Tokyo office in its commitment to a truly inclusive workplace, ensuring an environment in which all employees can communicate freely, attain their full potential, potentially maximize their contribution to our clients, and be recognized and evaluated fairly. Such an environment contributes to attracting and retaining strong talent.

Wellington Parents Group By supporting and encouraging parents and childcare providers, Wellington Parents Group provides a network designed to enhance their ability to contribute to the firm’s mission while navigating the daily challenges and complexities that impact working parents.

Wellington Veterans Wellington Veterans enhances our service to clients through efforts to attract, develop, and retain veterans of the armed forces and through outreach to external veterans’ organizations. Wellington Veterans hosts networking events, guest speakers, and service days with local veterans’ groups, and advocates increased hiring efforts focused on veterans.

Wellington Women’s Network (WWN) WWN develops and encourages professional women at Wellington Management to enhance their ability to contribute to the firm’s mission of exceeding the investment objectives and service expectations of clients worldwide.

Wellington Young Professionals (WYP) WYP seeks to attract, retain, and develop employees early in their career by helping them build relationships at the firm and advance their skills. While WYP is based in our Boston office, we work closely with our global colleagues in the Wellington Professionals' Development Network (WPDN), based in London, and the Wellington International Networking Group (WING), which represents our colleagues in the Asia-Pacific region. These networks are open to all employees who feel they could benefit from our programming.