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Tom Levering
Global Industry Analyst and Portfolio Manager
Feb 2017

W_lock Enduring assets: When the steak matters more than the sizzle

A rapidly changing world poses new risks to capital markets and creates what seems to be an ever-increasing list of concerns. Many equities appear expensive — bonds even more so — and macro... Read More

W_lock A marathon, not a sprint: Assessing the current buying opportunity for enduring...

Running a marathon requires focus, strength, and endurance. Completing the 26-mile (42-km) race is considered to be among the greatest achievements in sports, and many who try, fail to do it. But some people... Read More

Mar 2013
Macro and market

W_lock Enduring assets: Combining sustainable returns with inflation protection

Global industry analyst and portfolio manager Tom Levering has studied the investment potential of companies in the global utilities and energy infrastructure sectors for nearly 20 years. In this interview, he... Read More