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Mar 2017
Macro and market

With uncertainty so high, why is market volatility so low?

Authors: Sunil Kapadia, ...

The outlook for economies and investment markets worldwide seems unusually uncertain amid... Read More


Rising rates are no panacea for corporate pensions: A case for increasing the...

Author: Amy Trainor, FSA, EA

Derisking by US corporate pension plans (reallocating from equities to long-duration... Read More

Mar 2017

Modi's latest victory should be positive for India

Authors: Niraj Bhagwat, CA, ...

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won a stronger-... Read More


Emerging resiliency: A closer look at attractive opportunities in EMs

Authors: Jamie Rice, CFA, ...

Following the US presidential election in November, emerging market (EM) equities swooned... Read More

Mar 2017
Macro and market

A framework for thinking about rising inflation: Think Function, Not Form

Author: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

Think Function, Not Form (TFNF) is an asset allocation framework I use to help me... Read More


The renewed case for absolute return fixed income: From challenges to...

Authors: Chris Perret, CFA, ...

Absolute return fixed income strategies, designed to be opportunistic and capable of... Read More

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Emerging markets: Active opportunities span asset...

Our investors offer their views on EM equity and debt markets and provide insights on their... Read more

Desire for upside, fear of downside: Can...

Investors face high return hurdles in a low-return environment. Many are also concerned about... Read more