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On the cusp of an epic tech cycle?

Author: Anita Killian, CFA

At the start of 2016, many people were surprised when I said that I thought a truly epic... Read More


Tip of the iceberg? Iceland’s opportunities are just starting to surface

Authors: Brian Garvey, ...

Iceland’s financial crisis, which involved the collapse of the country’s... Read More

Jun 2017
Macro and market

Fed hikes rates as expected: See what our policy experts think may come next

Author: Jeremy Forster

In a widely anticipated move, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised interest rates today.... Read More

Jun 2017
Macro and market

Catching the turn in Japanese equities

Author: Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

While US and European equities have strongly advanced this year, Japan has been a notable... Read More


What's in store for US retail?

Authors: Evan Hornbuckle, ...

Headlines about slowing retail sales, overcapacity, and store closings highlight the... Read More


End of risk-off? What the turning tide means for contrarians

Authors: Gregory Pool, CFA, ...

Since the Global Financial Crisis, investor risk aversion has created a 10-year bull... Read More

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Emerging markets: Active opportunities span asset...

Our investors offer their views on EM equity and debt markets by providing insights on their... Read more

Outcomes-focused fixed income investing

Fixed income has historically provided investors with income, return, liquidity, and... Read more