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A trusted partner in insurance asset management

Insurance companies in 19 countries depend on us for investment solutions tailored to their unique needs. With US$120 billion in general-account assets managed for 129 insurance clients, we offer global investment capabilities and client service from professionals with deep industry experience.

Members of the team talk about the value Wellington Management brings to its insurance clients.

Our portfolio managers



Our relationship managers

Experience in:

Balance sheet management, including asset allocation and asset/liability management Portfolio reporting and accounting Regulatory assistance
Customized benchmarking Cash-flow projections
and management
Rating-agency support Business-risk analysis Custodian analysis/

A cohesive team centered on insurers' needs

Investment and relationship professionals, along with individuals with actuarial, legal, and operational knowledge, coordinate closely to implement effective client solutions.

Director, Financial Reserves Management

Eric Tanaka, CFA 27 years of experience
Eric oversees partnerships with insurers, banks, and corporate treasuries and their consultants to help develop long-term investment strategy and policy, evaluate portfolio risks and performance, and execute client reporting and communication.

Business Developer

Rich Coffman 31 years of experience
Rich is responsible for developing customized investment programs to meet the needs of insurance organizations of all types.

Relationship managers

Relationship managers assist clients with long-term investment strategy and policy issues, evaluate portfolio risks and performance, customize reporting, help ensure compliance with policy guidelines, and help resolve administrative and operational issues.


James Bradbury
16 years of experience


Marc Mercurio, CFA
16 years of experience


Lindsey Curley, CFA
22 years of experience


Andrew Paone, CFA
16 years of experience


Ray Helfer, CFA
Hong Kong
32 years of experience


Bob Sharma, CFA
17 years of experience


Chris Holleman, CFA
26 years of experience


Jon Wagenseller, CFA
30 years of experience

Investment strategies for insurers

Because we work with our insurance clients as a business partner, not just as an asset manager, our general account investment solutions are built around their needs. These solutions tap the full range of the world's capital markets, informed by on-the-ground knowledge from our insurance-industry professionals located around the globe.

We know our clients' markets, from property and casualty to life and health. Such in-depth knowledge allows us to create investment strategies that can help address specific client needs such as those encompassing Solvency II and NAIC requirements.

Investment strategies tailored to insurers

This list is for illustrative purposes only and does not include all available approaches. Investment involves risk, and an investment in an approach could lose money.

Proprietary research

Our research infrastructure covers virtually the entire global spectrum of liquid securities from fundamental, quantitative, and technical perspectives, augmented by specialists in asset allocation, currency, and macroeconomic analysis. Insights from our research are used solely for the benefit of our clients' portfolios.

Portfolio managers

Our investment managers are highly experienced in running portfolios with the unique risk and return parameters stemming from the special accounting and/or regulatory constraints on insurers.


Tim Haney, CFA
27 years of experience


Nate Levy
25 years of experience


Alyssa Irving
19 years of experience


Tim Smith
30 years of experience


Elizabeth Kleinerman, CFA
14 years of experience


Michael Stack, CFA
33 years of experience

Risk management: critical to insurers and to us

We combine proprietary technology and qualitative judgment to balance upside potential with downside risk, supporting consistency of performance. Sophisticated tools that can support insurers’ ERM systems play a key role in this task.

Fixed Income Portfolio Management Tool (FI-PMT)

  • Exposures broken out by country, currency, sector, credit quality, and duration
  • "What-if" analyses of potential trades
  • Automatic pre-trade testing of compliance with client guidelines

Liquidity Evaluation Framework (LiEFsm)

  • Estimates portfolio liquidity at a given point in time, based on issue-specific characteristics and historic trading patterns
  • A proprietary tool that has proved invaluable to insurers

Fixed Income Risk Engine (FIRE)

  • Creates a highly detailed picture of risk exposures at portfolio, sector, and individual security levels
  • Incorporates more than 500 risk factors

Risk analytics and system resources

Over 300 technology professionals within our firm support a host of in-house data applications, bolstering the construction and management of customized, risk-controlled portfolios.

Meet our professionals

Robert Fuhrman Director, Fixed Income Quantitative Research 36 years of experience
Bob manages a team of professionals who develop quantitative investment strategies, build models for managing portfolio risk, develop analytical tools for investment decision making, and advise clients and prospects on asset-liability management and enterprise risk.
Erik Troutman, CFA Asset Liability Management Specialist 22 years of experience
Erik studies insurers' asset/liability structures and dynamics, including durations/partial durations, payout patterns, alternative scenarios, embedded options, cash-flow projections, capital adequacy, regulatory restrictions, and rating-agency considerations.
Jeff Benevides Manager, Client Administration 23 years of experience
Jeff consults with clients on operational and accounting issues. He also oversees a team of analysts who coordinate with various functional areas within the firm to meet client needs.


Timely thought leadership relevant to insurers

Our insurance clients up-to-date insights on key developments affecting the industry and its environment via webcasts, white papers, and in-person forums and meetings. For example, each quarter we host a webcast featuring topics of particular interest to our insurance clients.

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All figures as of 31 December 2016



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