What we do

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Global Trading

With annual trading volume of more than US$10 trillion, we have the scale to develop deep relationships with broker-dealers for the benefit of our clients, maintain a robust risk-management infrastructure, and provide our investors with a leading-edge trading platform. Our 50+ traders include specialists in all major asset classes, regions, sectors, and derivatives.

Four ways our approach to trading is different

“We have a team of PhDs who spend their day analyzing investor behavior before, during, and after the trade. We share this data with portfolio managers and traders to help them retain alpha. One of our equity PMs, for example, has been able to reduce trading costs by trading smaller blocks over a longer period to minimize market impact.”

Lisa Mahon Lynch, Associate Director, Trading and Market Strategies

“We treat dealers as partners, not as enemies. Why is this important? Because dealers can no longer warehouse risk like they used to, so they rely on us for liquidity as much as we rely on them. During periods of market volatility, that is very important.”

Masaya Okoshi, Investment-Grade Bond Trader

“We don't have proprietary trading, firm positions, or other distractions. We are fiduciaries with a 100% client focus.”

Ted Duffy, Director, Fixed Income Trading

All figures as of 31 December 2016