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Brian Garvey
Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager

Managing risk in an unconstrained fixed income strategy

In the past year, the Opportunistic Fixed Income (OFI) team has published papers on our investment philosophy and idea-generation process ("Reflections on 16 years of opportunistic investing”), as well... Read More

Tip of the iceberg? Iceland's opportunities are just starting to surface

Iceland’s financial crisis, which involved the collapse of the country’s commercial banking sector and triggered a three-year-long depression, seems to be headed for a storybook ending. Some local... Read More

W_lock Maximizing total return in fixed income: The three key ingredients

In today’s challenging fixed income environment, we think investors seeking total return from fixed income are best served by a three-pronged framework supported by robust risk management: Strategic... Read More

W_lock Reflections on 16 years of opportunistic investing

Two portfolio managers discuss their theme-driven fixed income approach, which focuses on generating total returns while complementing core/benchmark-relative allocations. More broadly, they also share their... Read More

Nov 2015

W_lock Shifting winds reshape credit-sector opportunities

Several credit sectors, notably high yield, emerging markets debt (EMD), and bank loans, came under significant pressure in the third quarter, but bounced back strongly in October. This heightened volatility... Read More