Fundamental equity strategies

Our diverse equity portfolio management teams pursue independent research and investment approaches.


Over 300 equity investment professionals around the world pursue independent research and investment approaches, while tapping colleagues worldwide in a highly communicative environment. We believe this combination of autonomy and collaboration is a powerful advantage when investing in the vast global equity markets.

Charles Argyle

Our global equity team is structured to foster autonomy and independence while ensuring a highly collaborative investment environment.

Charles Argyle, CFA, Director, Global Equity Portfolio Management

Why invest with us


We believe that thorough understanding of a region makes us better investors. Members of our global equity research and investment team live, work, and travel around the world, seeking broader insight and deeper knowledge.


Having a variety of perspectives helps generate new ideas, encourage sound investment decisions, and may mitigate risk. We believe our clients may benefit from our ability to consider a range of worldviews spanning age, gender, and culture.


We believe that exchanging and debating ideas puts risks and opportunities into clearer focus and generates a wider range of ideas. We work interdependently, leveraging each other’s insights and always remembering that better client results are the collective goal.


Portfolio managers and analysts regularly participate in our daily global Morning Meeting, travel to speak with companies around the world, and welcome company management teams to onsite meetings at Wellington.


In-depth, proprietary research drives our active approach to sector investing. Over 50 seasoned global industry analysts are the heart of this multidimensional effort, which includes single- and multi-sector strategies. Many of our global industry analysts build entire careers following one industry, deepening their knowledge of companies over time and using a global perspective to more fully understand secular trends and cyclical shifts.

Featured video: Learn more about how our global industry analysts conduct research and invest on behalf of our clients.


  • Downside Leaders
  • Global Quality Growth
  • Global Contrarian Equity
  • International Horizons
  • Global Perspectives
  • Asia Technology
  • Global Innovation
  • Energy
  • Global Property
  • Global Environmental Opportunities
  • Global Technology
  • Enduring Assets
  • Capital Stewards
  • Emerging Markets Research Equity
  • Global Impact
  • Japan Value Realization
  • Select Leaders
  • Select China Equity
  • Disciplined US Equity
  • Opportunistic Value
  • US Research Equity
  • Dynamic Growth
  • Small Cap Opportunities
  • Mid Cap Opportunities
  • Smid Cap Value

This is not an all-inclusive list of strategies that may be offered. Investments involve risks including possible loss of principal. This is not to be construed as investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Please review important Investment Risks & Definitions.


Wellington clients can invest in many of our investment approaches through separate accounts and an array of funds. For more information about investing in a separate account or US fund, please contact us. For information about our global funds, visit Wellington Management Funds.

All figures as of 31 March 2020

Fundamental equity strategies

Our actively managed equity approaches span disciplines, geographies, industries, market capitalizations, and styles in order to meet our clients’ objectives.

Quantitative equity strategies

We use systematic analysis to detect and exploit factors that influence equity prices.

Technical equity strategies

We analyze stock price trends and shifting supply-and-demand dynamics in the financial markets.


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