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Fixed income solutions

Informed by multidisciplinary research on countries, sectors, and individual securities, our solutions run the full gamut of the world’s fixed income opportunities. These approaches are designed to meet the varied objectives of investors across geographic, duration, and credit-risk dimensions.

Representative strategies: Broad market

US short duration
  • Short-Term Cash
  • Ultra Short Duration
  • Short Bond
US core/long duration
  • Core Bond
  • Core Bond Plus
  • Intermediate Bond
  • Long Bond
Global/regional global bond
  • Global Aggregate
  • Canada Long Bond Plus
  • Europe Aggregate
  • Australian Government Bond Plus
  • Japan Core Bond Plus
Sector rotation
  • Multi-Sector
  • Unconstrained

Representative strategies: Absolute/total return

Absolute/total return
  • Structured Product Absolute Return
  • World Bond

Representative strategies: Sector

  • US Corporate
  • US Long Corporate
  • Global Corporate
  • Global Credit
  • Global Credit Plus
High yield
  • US Core High Yield
  • Global High Yield
  • Upper Tier High Yield
  • Capital Spectrum
  • Bank Loans
  • Short Duration High Yield
Emerging markets debt
  • Emerging Markets Debt
  • Opportunistic Emerging Markets Debt
  • Emerging Local Debt
  • Agency MBS
  • MBS Total Return
  • Structured Finance
  • Commercial MBS
  • Municipals
  • Crossover
  • TIPS
  • Global Inflation-Linked

Absolute-return solutions

Many investors today are interested in fixed income strategies that aim to consistently generate above-market returns across a variety of market and economic environments. We offer several approaches designed to meet this goal.They incorporate multiple, diversified sources of return that combine fundamental and quantitative inputs with top-down and bottom-up analysis.

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