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Fixed income

With nearly US$400 billion in assets managed by our fixed income team, we are a market leader in this asset class. Whether an investor is seeking a broad-market solution or strategies based on more specific duration, geographic, or sector parameters, we have the resources to help meet the need.

Differentiated features of our approach

Independent, empowered, and accountable teams Each specialist team is independent and empowered to make decisions for investors’ portfolios. Their distinct approaches help to diversify return sources and potentially generate more consistent performance across market environments.

Expertise spanning sectors, asset classes, and investment disciplines Our strategies are supported by the firm’s uncommon breadth, depth, and integration of investment capabilities across equity, credit, commodity, and currency markets and our proprietary fundamental, quantitative, technical, and macroeconomic research.

Collaboration among specialists Dedicated teams of specialized fixed income investment professionals generate insights within every major sector and region. These teams are incented to collaborate with each other and with portfolio managers across the firm to identify opportunities and risks.

Sophisticated tools for risk management and portfolio construction Proprietary quantitative tools for building portfolios, managing risks and assessing liquidity support consistency of performance.

Sophisticated proprietary tools for building portfolios and managing risk

Fixed Income Portfolio Management Tool (FI-PMT) Liquidity Evaluation Framework (LiEF®) Fixed Income Risk Engine (FIRE)
Allows portfolio managers to monitor exposures by country, currency, sector, credit quality, and duration range, in real time, in both absolute and benchmark-relative terms Creates a point-in-time estimate of a portfolio’s liquidity Provides a comprehensive array of risk statistics at portfolio, sector, and individual security levels

A wide array of fixed income solutions

Informed by multidisciplinary research on countries, sectors, and individual securities, our solutions run the full gamut of the world’s fixed income opportunities. These approaches are designed to meet the varied objectives of investors across geographic, duration, and credit-risk dimensions.

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All figures as of 30 June 2017