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Frequently asked questions

If you don't see the answer to a question that you have about Wellington Management, please contact us.

Q. We are an institution interested in learning more about Wellington Management’s investment strategies. How should we proceed?

A. Please contact by telephone the office location nearest you (see Contact us). Ask for a member of our Global Relationship Group; they will be happy to assist you. Or, you can provide information on your firm and your interest through the Contact us portion of this site and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Q. One of the mutual funds I own in a variable annuity or retirement plan is managed by Wellington Management. How can I obtain the prospectus/annual report or price/price information/CUSIP on that fund?

A. Wellington Management is an institutional asset manager. Because we do not sponsor or distribute any mutual funds in the United States, you would need to contact the sponsor or distributor of the fund or your employer (in the case of retirement plans) for that information.

Q. I am an individual investor. How can I invest with you?

A. Individual investors can gain access to our expertise through the mutual funds we subadvise for a number of financial institutions or, for some US investors, through collective trusts available in certain employer-sponsored defined contribution plans. Certain of our commingled vehicles are also offered outside the US to non-US investors by select global private banks.

Q. I represent a family office (a private company that manages investments for a single family or multiple families). How may I invest with you?

A. We have a long history of working with family offices worldwide. Our investment minimum is US$5 million or more depending on the investment style. As a first step, please contact by telephone the Wellington Management location nearest you (see Contact us). Ask for a member of our Global Relationship Group, who will be happy to assist in assessing your investment needs.

Q. Where did the firm's name originate?

A. One of our firm's founders, Walter Morgan, was a great student of British military history. He named the firm in homage to Arthur Wellesley, better known as the first Duke of Wellington.

Q. How can I get a copy of your annual report?

A. As a private firm, we do not issue an annual report or financial statements.

Q. I represent a nonprofit organization that is looking for sponsors for our upcoming event. Can Wellington Management provide financial support — or volunteers?

A. The Wellington Management Foundation provides annual grants only and does not provide sponsorship for individual events. If you believe that your program's mission and needs are in line with the Foundation's priorities, read more on our web site or contact the Foundation with questions. If you represent a client of Wellington Management, please contact your relationship manager. For volunteer support, please Contact us with more information.