Emerging markets regional


Bo Meunier

We are mindful of the deep economic and financial ties that continue to bind the world’s two largest economies together. Within the confines of economically rational decision-making, we think these ties will draw boundaries around negotiations.

— Bo Meunier, CFA, Portfolio Manager


Murali Srikantaiah

India has historically been fertile ground for active managers, and we see many potential opportunities to generate alpha for our clients.​

— Murali Srikantaiah, Portfolio Manager

Niraj Bhagwat

We believe stock selection remains crucial in Indian equities, and stock fundamentals should re-assert themselves now that the election is over.

— Niraj Bhagwat, CA, Portfolio Manager


Jamie Rice

We suspect that Brazil will walk again — or even run — with less government support, potentially proving to be one of 2020’s stronger-performing emerging markets.

— Jamie Rice, CFA, Portfolio Manager


Anita Killian

The misperception of Asia as a low-end manufacturing hub masks opportunities in what is now the main supply chain for global end markets in electronics.

— Anita Killian, CFA, Portfolio Manager

We believe within Asia’s growth story, economic cyclicality, currency fluctuation, and heightened investor behavioral biases result in a high level of volatility – which will persist, and present the areas of apathy we aim to exploit.​

— Jun Oh, Portfolio Manager

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