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Dáire Dunne CFA
Portfolio Manager and Director, Global Multi-Asset Strategies APAC
Jun 2017

W_lock 2017 EM Summit video highlights

Hear from our on-the-ground investors about the trends they are analyzing as a result of recent economic and political reforms across emerging markets. Investing in EM... Read More

W_lock Maximizing the diversification benefits of emerging markets equities

Rising global integration has led to emerging markets becoming more correlated with developed markets. This has diminished their ability to diversify developed markets equity risk, although we believe emerging... Read More

Nov 2016
Video + paper

W_lock Learning to love EM again: An unconstrained, thematic approach

A new wave of structural change is altering how and where we look for investment opportunities in emerging markets. Portfolio Manager Dáire Dunne discusses a dynamic theme-based approach that can help... Read More

W_lock The mispricing of inflation risk

Risk is often mispriced when markets extrapolate recent trends or behaviors. An example is the price of safety-oriented assets in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Core government bond yields traded well... Read More