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Wellington Management works with approximately 225 consultants globally to identify and evaluate appropriate investment solutions and strategies for our common clients. We also provide a broad range of services to certain consultants who represent a shared client. In addition, we supply consultants with detailed portfolio information and give them access to our investment professionals in order to facilitate their due diligence and independent evaluation of our investment strategies.

Resources for consultants

Consultants can access the firm's thought leadership through a variety of avenues, including a suite of online resources. In addition to KnowledgeBank, which is located within this web site, two sites that may be of particular interest to consultants include:


A password-protected web site with client-specific portfolio information, full access to the firm's thought-leadership publications, and other key materials. Log in

Wellington Hedge Management

A secure web site providing client-specific hedge fund portfolio information. Log in

All figures as of 30 June 2017